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SOD323 and SC90 bounceing parts in final PNP stages.

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 04 01:56:37 EST 2012 | eadthem

What we have had recently is a lot of larger thin (32 thou) thickness boards that have had issues with SC90 diodes bouncing off the pads in the final PNP machine. Our setup, universal instruments GC120 or quad beam 30 spindle lightning heads. This m

Component Database and Placement List

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 23 02:37:02 EDT 2017 | directx995

Hello, I'm looking for a friendly suggestions or best practices for creating Component Database. For example how do you discern different types of SOIC8, with different body size and pitch between leads? How do you categorize and name components? An

Universal Instruments GSM Blue and White Label feeders

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 29 11:45:17 EDT 2021 | astarotf

Hello We are looking for GMS machine spare parts for our assembly line. I would like to know that you have +57 300-748-5462

Universal Instruments GSM Blue and White Label feeders

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 28 06:16:15 EDT 2021 | semelectronics

Hello, We have recently liquidated a production line, almost everything has been already sold, we just have left over 300 GSM feeders and lot of spare parts for machines. Whereever I try to sell this equipment I hear it is too old and they do not us

Which (cheap / old) pick and place for 0402, 0.5mm FPC small line

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 18 13:55:12 EST 2022 | cbart

One thing to think about is keeping the machine running! the biggest thing I would be looking at or into is availability of spare parts and tech support. Call the equipment manufactures and see if they are still supporting the machines, both with tec


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