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PTF, how to feeder teach universal instruments

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 03 01:07:29 EST 2022 | poly

I've got access to the universal manuals / voyager but I haven't found a section that describes the feeder teach setup process, I can pick up the teach slug onto the conveyor and then get into feeder teach but if I teach the corners of the slug as t

Universal Instruments 120F / 1220 Rubber Tip Nozzles

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 11 16:53:00 EDT 2023 | ttheis

We have a bunch of Flexjet 1220 nozzles with worn rubber tips. The rubber tip comes off and looks replaceable but I assume UIC or COT wants to sell you the whole nozzle. Has anyone ever replaced the nozzle tip or are they available?

Universal Instruments 120F / 1220 Rubber Tip Nozzles

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 15 04:25:50 EDT 2023 | ttheis

Universal does offer replaceable tip nozzles, which is nice, but it seems the 1220 is not considered replaceable for anyone else wondering.

SMT Nozzles catalog

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 07 18:16:27 EST 2022 | skolev

Hi everyone. I have little problem finding the right SMT nozzle for my new custom machine . For manipulating custom component with dimensions close to passive element 0402 . Now in machine i've put a siemens SMT Nozzle . But there are some problems

HSP 4796B

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 01 09:24:06 EST 2005 | UIC HSP Techs

The problem you report is very uncommon. Nozzles falling out of the placement heads can only be caused by severe mis-adjustment or failed parts. The following items should be checked: 1) Nozzle position hooks (on placement heads) 2) Clutch solenoid/

Re: Universal GSM & paste-in-hole

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 06 13:18:43 EST 2003 | Vince Cook

Mr. Fuller, I came across your inquiry while doing some light lunchtime reading. I work for Universal in the group that creates nozzles/grippers. We evaluate applications involving a wide vareity of components, connectors, etc. I'm not a salesman

Re: Info on Universal Instruments?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 16 17:30:04 EDT 2000 | Eutectic state

Go with Universal. We had Fuji equipment for years. That is all but phased out now and we only are buying Universal. You cannot beat their service. The chip shooters are great. The only cons that I have dealt with is the learning curve on the n

Universal Instruments Lightning Heads

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 26 17:26:02 EDT 2007 | jax

So far, So good! We are currently standardizing the Lightning Head Advantis as our chip-shooter. We only place chip packages, 0201-1206 with the Lightning Head and everything runs great. We performed qualification testing with components up to 20mm

Can a GSM place 0201's

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 16 16:54:13 EDT 2004 | Vince Cook

Greg, Just to cover the formalities, I work for Universal, and specifically with the GSM Platform. The GSM with a 4 spindle head can place 0201s, however, there are a number of things you'll want to have, chief among them a 1 mil/pixel upward lo

Universal Instruments Lightning Heads

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 27 16:21:03 EDT 2007 | adlsmt

We have two, about 2.5 years old and 1.5 years old. We run all kinds of parts and get about 18K to 20K CPH. The pick accuracy is fantastic so have saved a lot of $$$$ by not having dump buckets full of parts at the end of runs. I could not be happier

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