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Universal instruments registration

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 19 12:27:09 EDT 2002 | jeffreybrown

I have read with interest this string of opinions about support of old machines. I am the service manager of Contact Systems and I deal with customer support every day. Our policy is to treat all owners of Contact machines in an evenhanded way. The w

Universal instruments registration "UIC IS EXAMPLE ONLY"

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 14 00:04:50 EDT 2002 | lysik

Just to let all the folks no. If you register (and pay the fee) a machine with any (OEM) company in the USA You have the same rights as a new user. Companies like UIC, Gen Rad, Agilent, etc came up with these fees to discourage buying used equipment.

Universal Instruments or Mirae

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 15 08:49:13 EDT 2017 | kalsi311

Yes Evitmov, you can say I am more comfortable with mirae machines then advantis. I just want to know if somebody worked on MR series mirae machines and Fusion UIS machines so he can give me an advice witch one is better. Definitely I will not buy mo

Universal Instruments or Mirae

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 10 16:34:18 EDT 2017 | kalsi311

Thanks for quick reply We were using 2 MR40LS machines and 1 MR20LP machine. MR40LS machine have tow beams and 12 heads (6 heads each) and MR20LP have 4 heads. In my new company we are using 2 lighting head who have 30 heads and 1 7 heads machine. B

Insert Molded Terminal Selective Soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 26 19:56:24 EST 2001 | davef

SMTnet Archives used to have copious amounts of information on a pin-in-hole [e.g., pin-in-paste, paste-in-hole, etc] reflow process, but much of that appears lost with the conversion to the new and improved site format. In getting started, check:

Universal 4796HSP D2332 Unit drivers

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 10 09:56:18 EDT 2003 | vickt

5 years ago (mostly likely 7-8 yrs). Most of these failures can be attributed to simple overtemp conditions or mechanical stress. Customers who do not keep the cooling fan filters clean on their machines tend to see a higher failure rate due to highe

Optimal Speed for Universal Chip Shooters

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 11 16:30:33 EDT 2003 | T.Vick

You have received some great feedback so far. I would like to summarize and add a few points regarding maintenance. You should start (as recommended already) by verifying your component library data. Using the default values from the master library i


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