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Universal Advantis

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 28 15:45:41 EDT 2005 | vickt

The older generation "GSM" feeders will work fine on the multifunction variations of the AdVantis Platform, but will not physically work on the Lightning based AC30L. The AC30L uses a 42v feeder interface, while the MF versions have both the new 42v

Lightning Head Problems

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 16 10:29:50 EST 2010 | wrongway

Hello seabas we have a ac30l for 27 months and run it 16 hours a day 5 days a week no problems yet. what kind of problems are you having? we do have universal come in every 6 months to do maintenance on it

Universal Advantis

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 12 16:32:35 EST 2006 | Cmiller

The lightning head will place parts up to 30mm square but there is a height restriction and it will only pick from tape feeders, no trays, no vibes. It will put down QFP's at full speed and the placements are dead on. I think you need an optional p

Faster Than Lightning!

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 30 02:57:56 EDT 2019 | reckless

In search of my ultimate chip shooter I need a machine faster than 2 universal instruments lightning heads. I am aware Fuji has a turret head and Yamaha. Are they as reliable/fast as the lightning head? Who else makes turret heads?

Universal Instruments Lightning Heads

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 26 17:10:06 EDT 2007 | kgieskes

Universal has been producing Lightning pick and place heads for some years now. How are these heads performing these days? Speed, component range, reliability. Who has worked with them?

Looking for equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 20 20:22:23 EST 2014 | bkendall421

Universal Instruments AC30L. Rated at over 30k CPH but dependent on mix you will realize between 18k and 24k CPH REAL speeds. Very flexible with feeder cart swapping. Wide component mix. American made and the best support of any p&p company. Sounds

Universal Instruments Lightning Head

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 08 11:13:42 EST 2015 | ilavu

I am looking to buy one complete lightning head assembly for our Genesis machine. If anyone have one for sale.... Also, looking for the NFOV ( Narrow Field of View) camera with bracket for the same head if anyone....

Universal Advantis platform

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 10 00:25:16 EST 2021 | ttheis

My company has a line with two GSM1 machines. We are planning a second line and considering the Advantis AC-72 or AC-30 models but I have a few questions I was hoping someone could chime in on. 1. Are the GSM feeders capable of being used on the Adv

Universal Instruments Lightning Head

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 28 12:04:07 EDT 2011 | esoderberg

I would agree up until 2005 - 2006. Universal did not have a good SMT solution. Their GSM's were limited and combined with the sanyo chip shooter - software was a nightmare. What years did you have universal?

Universal Advantis

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 28 12:09:31 EDT 2005 | Cmiller

Your vibe feeders will probably work fine. Using the old tape feeders on a Lighning head will limit the speed of the machine big time. I have not done it but I dont think its a good idea. We considered buying used feeders to offset the cost of our ne

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