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Universal GX-11S and Pneumatic Feeders?

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 26 01:59:01 EDT 2023 | ttheis

Thanks, what about the camera calibration? Does it use the same kit as the GSM machines?

GSM camera calibration.

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 13 18:32:20 EDT 2011 | marcelll

I have all the kits & jigs to service GSM I'm doing it for 20 years at much better price then Universal Contact me if interrested Marcel Duclos info@controlemd.com

GSM Calibration

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 29 11:55:46 EST 2007 | MGC

You might be wise to contact Universal's local office for support and or access to the required kits. http://www4.uic.com/wcms/WCMS2.nsf/index/Contact_Us_53.html#Western

GSM Calibration

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 29 15:21:56 EST 2007 | flipit

If you teach your feeders, you can no longer gang pick correct? I have never had a dual beam or dual head GSM before. However, if you teach feeders with the fiducial camera and your picks are still off, there is an offset in one or several spindles

GSM camera calibration.

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 08 18:01:22 EDT 2011 | comatose

We had a camera die on one of our GSMs. I got a new camera, and it is working, but I need to either find a cal kit to rent for a day, or else if someone knows a reasonably accurate procedure to calibrate the new camera using the other upward looking


Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 16 22:59:04 EST 2014 | comatose

As far as OEMs go, Universal themselves are pretty reasonable about second-user support. Its only $500 to register an older GSM, and their factory field service people aren't any more expensive than many competent smaller companies. You do have to bu

Pick and Place Machine Validation

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 16 22:45:29 EST 2005 | MG Cyr

Thanks for the positive feedback. In addition our standard manufacturing validation, all of our Platform SM products (GSM, Advantis, Genesis etc.)include "on-board" CPK validation and "self calibration". In addition we do have a global relationship w

Universal Instruments or Mirae

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 10 16:34:18 EDT 2017 | kalsi311

Thanks for quick reply We were using 2 MR40LS machines and 1 MR20LP machine. MR40LS machine have tow beams and 12 heads (6 heads each) and MR20LP have 4 heads. In my new company we are using 2 lighting head who have 30 heads and 1 7 heads machine. B


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