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Machine feeder setup reduction

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 09 14:42:08 EST 2001 | vickt

Great advice!........Single tier feeder set-up carts are also available through Universal instruments directly for this exact purpose. Most people who really care about this changeover time have "pit-crews" that work in the component storage areas, o

Looking for equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 20 20:22:23 EST 2014 | bkendall421

Universal Instruments AC30L. Rated at over 30k CPH but dependent on mix you will realize between 18k and 24k CPH REAL speeds. Very flexible with feeder cart swapping. Wide component mix. American made and the best support of any p&p company. Sounds

Universal Instruments or Mirae

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 10 16:34:18 EDT 2017 | kalsi311

Thanks for quick reply We were using 2 MR40LS machines and 1 MR20LP machine. MR40LS machine have tow beams and 12 heads (6 heads each) and MR20LP have 4 heads. In my new company we are using 2 lighting head who have 30 heads and 1 7 heads machine. B


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