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Follow up

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 09 14:08:10 EDT 1998 | Mike C

A few months ago there was a thread here concerning shorts under ceramic 0805 Caps. I was wondering if the source of the problem was ever found. I have had the same problems in the past, unfortunately the problem went away as fast as it came up. A

transistor blown up

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 02 04:49:44 EST 2019 | robl

Either the extra current draw to overcome inertia on the motor start up, or back EMF from the motor?

Component pick up test

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 03 13:37:40 EDT 2016 | chabscan

I've been having some problems with my Quad 4C, it rejects some components after having pikced them up. I want to adjust the tolerances and test the pick up. I want to know if there is some way of testing the pick up without having to run my whole

Flux sprayer set up

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 20 12:42:15 EST 1999 | Charlie

There is a need to set up the spray fluxer on our wave machine. I'm looking for guidelines and comments form others who have done this set up. Also, is there any rule of thumb at visual inspection when there is too much or not enough flux being appli

Topaz Feeder Pick up

Electronics Forum | Thu May 11 17:04:51 EDT 2006 | KEN


Vacuum Pick up Tool

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 24 15:08:13 EDT 2003 | davef

Try: * Excelta Roto-Pic� 2000A [www.excelta.com] * Porta-Wand or Vac-Pac [www.virtual-ii.com] * PELCO� Vacuum Pick-Up System [www.tedpella.com]

Topaz Feeder Pick up

Electronics Forum | Mon May 08 19:27:27 EDT 2006 | Tech

Does anyone know if you can teach feeder pick up location on 24mm. I have a 1998 Philips Topaz. Thanks

TopazXII boot up hang......

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 26 11:17:58 EDT 2009 | thanh

machine boot up all the way till START MACHINE, READY FOR ORIGIN. And just hang right there. Any one know what wrong with it. I did re-load VG software, but did the same thing.

Quadalign set up

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 25 10:28:08 EDT 2009 | leemeyer

Are you running Q-soft software or is this an older machine running central controller ? Do you have seperate profiles set up for 0603 caps and 0603 resistors or just one profile for all 0603 parts. It sounds to me that you might be scanning to low a

mpm up 3000 ultraflex

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 12 14:19:03 EDT 2015 | tdemon69

i have a up 3000 ultraflex. the lower half of the tactile sensor is stuck down. i have replaced the driver board, check wire down to drive board,check the fuse for power on the driver board.

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