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Advice Needed between a DEK 265GSX and a MPM UP3030!

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 06 11:41:11 EDT 2006 | Bill

UP1500 was not a real MPM machine, so not relevant. UP1500 was an SMTech (UK) machine, different sofware, camera, etc.... than an MPM machine. AccuFlex is now real MPM.

MPM UP2000 HI-E S/N 22610

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 30 17:58:18 EDT 2022 | proceng1

I think I have UP1500 SW. Not sure if it's the same. I also have Accuflex SW, which is pretty similar to UP1500

UP1500 Frame Sizes?

Electronics Forum | Mon May 02 10:51:19 EDT 2005 | pr

Sorry, go to "Utilities" pull down menu then "set stroke" and the software will walk you through it.

UP1500 Frame Sizes?

Electronics Forum | Wed May 04 14:26:59 EDT 2005 | jh0n!

Thanks to all for yr input! -john.

MPM UP200 Manual

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 16 13:45:50 EDT 2023 | proceng1

I have the stuff for UP1500. I can email.

SPC for MPM UP1500 Stencil Printers

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 26 11:04:34 EDT 2002 | mcmilse

This is a general question just to see what people may be doing to control the stencil printing process. I am new to the stencil printing process and as the subject line states I am looking to set up an SPC plan for my MPM UP1500. Now I have a few

MPM AccuFlex

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 25 00:46:01 EST 2003 | Dreamsniper

Is MPM AccuFlex a replacement for UP1500 and is inferior to UP2000 or is it a higher level product of MPM as compared to UP2000? Has anyone evaluated and compared this machine with the UP2000 HiE? thanks and regards,

SPC for MPM UP1500 Stencil Printers

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 26 20:25:06 EDT 2002 | davef

When we DOE a board, we use the following independent print variables: * Print pressure * Print speed * Separation speed * Aperture orientation * Squeegee hardness

MPM Accuflex

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 04 11:58:09 EDT 2003 | fastek

Dean- I also have (2) UP-1500's with 6.32 software that I was considering upgrading. If you have some insight as to what it takes to get them to 8.xx can we discuss it off-line? Thanks..... Rick fastek@attbi.com

Machine data for SPC?

Electronics Forum | Fri May 27 13:47:31 EDT 2005 | jh0n!

2xGSM-1, MPM UP1500, MVP AOI. I'm really most concerned with the GSM's, though. :/

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