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MPM UP3000 vs UP3030

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 02 01:20:30 EST 2005 | sg2004

Anyone can let me know what is the difference between UP3000 and UP3030 in features? And, if possible, let me know all standard features of UP3030. I couldn't find any standard spec on the web. Thanks.


Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 12 13:20:05 EST 2021 | vasu278

I need know how to connect ups+,ups-,1+,1- cables to ups

UPS on a pick and place machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 05 09:12:34 EDT 2003 | caldon

All of our PNP machine run on UPS back up. Though our machine controller is Dos and failry stable it is integrated with Windows NT who does not like to be prematurley shut down. We get a window of about 4 hours from the UPS. Remember this is just o


Electronics Forum | Thu May 24 02:09:29 EDT 2007 | einat

I would like to learn more about the differences between the two. Which one do you recommend more and why? Also if someone can stand on the differences between: MPM UP 3000 HI E MPM UP 3000 MPM UP 2000 HI E MPM UP 2000 Any information would help!


Electronics Forum | Thu May 24 12:56:31 EDT 2007 | adlsmt

Im sure you will get some better responses but here is a start. We went from UP2000 to UP3000 Ultraflex about 2 years ago. The UP-2000 uses tooling nests and UP-3000 Ultraflex does not. Makes a huge difference in setup time. Up-3000 is BIG. I think t

MPM AccuFlex

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 25 00:46:01 EST 2003 | Dreamsniper

Is MPM AccuFlex a replacement for UP1500 and is inferior to UP2000 or is it a higher level product of MPM as compared to UP2000? Has anyone evaluated and compared this machine with the UP2000 HiE? thanks and regards,

UPS on a pick and place machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 04 18:10:36 EDT 2003 | dougt

When a UPS is used on pick and place equipment is it setup to continue to run the entire machine or is it just keeping the computer(s) powered up? How long will the UPS typically supply power to the machine?

MPM UP3000 vs UP3030

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 04 11:43:53 EST 2005 | fastek

Yes...a UP-3030 will come with the automatic pin placement system and also 3D inspection. It's a fully optioned out UP-3000 basically.

Mydata's UPS suggestions...

Electronics Forum | Wed May 26 14:12:57 EDT 2010 | emrtech

the ups in the machine are only for the computer and not the machine itself. we just installed a APC UPS System (model: SUVTF15KBF) that works great, but cost is around 10K. this UPS will protect everything and allows you to run until shutting down w

Quad QSV-1

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 09 07:42:36 EDT 2015 | kevinb

Thanks for the info. We tried the reset button but no luck. The UPS is not powering up. We checked the incoming power and it was good. So we took the UPS out and took off the cover to check for blown fuses. We also checked the reset button and it

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