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GSM camera calibration.

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 08 18:01:22 EDT 2011 | comatose

We had a camera die on one of our GSMs. I got a new camera, and it is working, but I need to either find a cal kit to rent for a day, or else if someone knows a reasonably accurate procedure to calibrate the new camera using the other upward looking

Calibration method for camera

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 08 23:08:56 EDT 2004 | Ken

Well, the precision glass is for upward looking camera's. It essentially is a "perfect part". Vapor deposition lithography on glass (for Cte stability)....basically the part pattern (or part fids) is compared to its target location (same pattern on

camera problem with Quad IVc

Electronics Forum | Mon May 16 22:06:22 EDT 2011 | danaherr

Downward looking camera not working. swapped cables on board and upward looking camera works when plugged into downward camera's connection on video card. Thinking maybe a cable issue??? manually moved gantry all over trying to see if intermitent ope

quad qsp-2

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 30 06:33:44 EST 2010 | jmw

If you are using the upward camera then you probably have to put in a placement offset for each head. This only effects upward camera placements...not quadalign. This is located in: 1. machine-calibration-camera lens 2. Choose upward camera2 under "

Quad IV C Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 12 09:47:14 EST 2011 | gantry

Definitely agree with JMW, most machines you find will already have the upward looking camera unless it was the first (or second) head in a multi-head system. I would not look at a C-series without the upward looking camera

limitation's of the QSA 30 machines

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 12 08:05:11 EST 2005 | bobpan

Quad Align.....Cyber-optics....no difference...they both work well. Never tried a micro-bga but i know the upward camera does standard bga parts.

limitation's of the QSA 30 machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 16 13:00:35 EST 2005 | bobpan

At this point.....being my traveling days are done.....i would say call dynatech so they can train you on how to use the upward camera.

Quad IV C Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 11 16:38:18 EST 2011 | gosswald

JMW, Thank you for your reply. Can you add the upward camera to this machine that does not have it after purchase? If so what is involved? I do have typically two items per board that would be below 25 mil pitch.

Quad 1000, looking for opinion

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 01 13:57:18 EST 2005 | bobpan

2c belt driven.....'a little' less accurate (costs less) 4c ball screw......'a little' more accurate (costs more) vu4-vu6 upward camera for fine pitch.....cant remember but the differenc is the field of view for camera. part centering is quad-align

SMT SOT-23 Part Rotation

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 02 20:14:56 EST 2022 | dwl

Make sure your pick up and Placement theta are correct. SOT-23 are notorious for having bad theta data in part libraries. I had an old placement machine that would center the part with an upward camera, looking at the feet. If I had the wrong pick t

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