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Nitrogen to use or not to use

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 16 11:06:02 EST 1999 | Chuck Morehouse

Have any of you ever gone from using Nitrogen in your Reflow and Wave solder process to using only compressed air? No Clean users only please. I'd like to get away from Nitrogen if it makes sense.

When to use gloves

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 14 15:00:46 EDT 2017 | charliedci

We run a "no clean" soldering process, class II primarily, conformal coating using a Humiseal acrylic coating, applied by machine and by brush. We have seen very few coating issues in my 10+ years from contamination by body oils. We are not using glo

use the feeders w24c

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 04 07:57:15 EST 2020 | truongnguyen

i have fuji feeders w24c. I want to use PLC to control feeder. I don't know the pinout of the 14-pin jack. Please help me!!!

When to use gloves

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 13 00:15:58 EDT 2017 | deanm

We manufacture low volume, high reliability assemblies (class 3) that are conformal coated. Up until now we have been cleaning after SMT, then after through hole, then immediately prior to coating with test, formal inspection, etc. between cleaning p

Could use some help

Electronics Forum | Mon May 21 10:06:54 EDT 2007 | patrickbruneel

Dave, Thanks a lot; you truly are a living database. I will need new spectacles missed the eutectic alloy in table 4.8 of the Klein Wassink book.

Why use Nitrogen ??

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 11 21:30:22 EDT 1998 | Grant Petty

I am looking at purchaseing a full convection bench top oven from OK Industrys. (Model JEM-310) It seems to have all the features that we will need for low volume production runs. It has a Nitrogen input option, and I am intrested if anyone on the fo

Could use some help

Electronics Forum | Fri May 18 10:56:09 EDT 2007 | patrickbruneel

Hi smtnetters, I�m looking for reference material preferably graph�s displaying the viscosity and surface tension vs. temperature for standard Sn63 Pb37 alloy. Plenty of reference material is available on pure metals but can�t find anything on the

Could use some help

Electronics Forum | Mon May 21 09:06:33 EDT 2007 | davef

Pat: Very descriptive SUBJECT choice. Surface tension: * Soldering and Surface Tension; Champion, JA; Physics Education, V 16, No 2, 1981, pp 98-100(3) Institute of Physics [We have not looked at this, so we cannot comment, but it seems like an appr

Re: Nitrogen to use or not to use

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 16 11:54:45 EST 1999 | Mike Naddra

At reflow an inert atmosphere is used to mitigate the occurance of oxidation, to me the decision weather to move from an inert atmosphere is based on several things ; PCB surface finish - are you using a HASL finish, OSP or another surface finish and

Re: Nitrogen to use or not to use

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 21 08:33:54 EST 1999 | Nancy V

Luis, Go to the library on SMTnet and you will see Standard and Terms. Select that and you will be able to download the terms and definitions for SMT assembly. It is very useful. Of the terms you requested, only FPY is not there. I was curious a

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