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Problems to use lead free paste in PCB with Pb

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 03 03:35:30 EST 2009 | sachu_70

Hi Jose, such a process is possible, but you need to confirm that the PCB material has high Tg. In additon, you need to re-look solder paste printing parameters and make required changes in stencil apperture design for optimum solder volume. Just a

Pb-Free solder alloying with finish on components

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 09:49:39 EDT 2000 | galltp

Dr. Lee, We have seen a small decrease in shear strength for Pb/Sn plated components attached with Sn/Ag/Cu solder compared to components with a Pb-free finish. With the jump in the cost of Pd, we are struggling to define a practical Pb-free

Reduction of solder paste usage

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 05 18:20:44 EST 2007 | ratsalad

We buy our paste in Semco cartridges. You don't need a pneumatic gun to administer the paste to the stencil, just use a caulk gun which you should be able to purchase at your local hardware store. The cheap ones are about $2 (US). We have green

Running with sn100c in my solder pot!

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 27 08:38:03 EDT 2006 | cuculi54986@yahoo.com

I tried some SN100C from AIM... On only one array. It flowed well on the chips but did not like the finish on the SOT23's on the board. I did not have enough arrays to mess around, so we switched it over to SAC305 and had no issues. I'm guessing w

Lead Contamination of wave solder carriers

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 04 14:42:08 EST 2008 | ratsalad

Are you talking about Durastone? That's what we use for our wave pallets. Both our wave vendor and solder bar vendor told us that we had nothing to worry about as far as Pb-contamination of the pallets. We have used the same pallets across our Sn

PQFP with pitch of 0.4 mm

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 10 17:12:03 EST 2001 | rpereira

I admit, 16 mil QFP printing is very challenging but if all your control factors (print speed, etc...) are setup correctly (through DOE) extremely high yields can be achieved and more importantly a repeatable and robust product will be manufactured.

SAC solder balls reflow with Sn/Pb paste - Voids Issue

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 04 14:48:49 EDT 2006 | cw

My soak at 150C - 180C for approx. 85sec to 100sec. I believe this is sufficient. I can't change my paste because customer wants to use SnPb paste with SAC solder balls. They claimed that they have sucessful result with other CM. I need to know if

Re: Pb-Free solder alloying with finish on components

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 11:17:04 EDT 2000 | Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee

The classic dilemma, cost vs. performance. In typical applications, Sn whisker growth is not an issue. It only seems to occur under extreme use (high stress, low temperature)conditions. Until this issue is fully addressed, Pd seems to be the favor

SAC solder balls reflow with Sn/Pb paste - Voids Issue

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 05 11:48:00 EDT 2006 | Mario Scalzo, SMT CPE

Good morning all. We are able to offer some insight into the problem and offer a recommended reflow profile to solve this issue, but it really depends on the solder paste that you use, as different manufacturers use different boiling point solvents.

Tip life of soldering irons with lead-free (SAC305)

Electronics Forum | Wed May 03 11:26:57 EDT 2006 | George

Sheldon, Try using SN100C wire solder. It seems to extend the life of the tips plus solder joints look much better. We use both, clean and No-clean. We had the same problem while using SAC305... Thanks, George

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