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Solder fountains - opinions

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 01 11:02:51 EST 2008 | flipit

You could also try Wenesco and Air Vac. I have experience on the Air Vac PCBRM10 and PCBRM12. They work great. You have to make sure your nozzle or flow well is designed correctly. For 50 mil pitch and greater, they work well. If you have to rem

ap25 hi E solvent menu setting

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 21 09:26:48 EST 2007 | realchunks

Paper Advance = CONTINUOUS Index = 3 Prime = 3 Vac = ON Vac Freq = 1 VAc Speed = 3

Fuji IP 2 Servo NG error?

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 09 13:07:52 EDT 2009 | rodrigo

Hi all, Our IP-2 stop working during production with a Servo NG error. Turning it on and off just goes back to the same thing or "Turn servo power on" error message. I was checking the power for the servo amps and I found a 35VAC line that is missin

Strange problem with Fuji IP1 stopping

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 14 03:27:07 EDT 2006 | bvdb

The latest news. We ran another production run for 1-1/2 hours. The IP-1 gave a "memory NG" fault indicator twice after fully completing the first and second PCB's. We've been running the tray speed at 30% but noticed that the speed of the tray ro

Re: BGA-2000 Micro Oven

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 15:11:26 EST 2000 | Russ

I tested out the OK unit and found it to be a "down and dirty" rework machine that will do BGAs if demeanding thermal requirements are not needed. My largest concern was the lack of bottom side preheat. I have recently purchased the Air-Vac DRS24 a

Anyone knows how to convert JUKI JX series power input from 240VAC 3phrase to 415V VAC?

Electronics Forum | Sat May 06 00:55:56 EDT 2023 | frankchan

Thanks, hope my client in AUS can find a technician to solve this issue. We change it to 240VAC 3phrase per request, but after delivery, they wish to convert to 415VAC, now we could make some sort of instructions to them, but such changes made by oth

ESD vacuum clearer

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 18 12:21:09 EST 2004 | babe

Check out Data-VAc also known as Metro Vac. Also 3m does offer a vacuumthat is esd safe. Prices range from $100.00 to $300.00.

BGA rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 23 07:15:44 EDT 2004 | pjc

Best systems come from the following: SRT http://www.vjelectronix.com/vjebeta/products.asp?title=Rework%20Solutions AirVac http://www.air-vac-eng.com/ Metcal http://www.metcal.com/ ERSA http://www.ersa.de/en/

Air-Vac DRS24

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 06 13:41:29 EDT 2004 | mdang

I am looking to buy an used Air-Vac DRS 24. Does anyone has experience with it? What do I need to look for and what different between the 24 and 24C? Thanks for your help. -Michael

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