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vacuum reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 23 16:20:54 EDT 2021 | grahamcooper22

Hi, just wondering are many assemblers using vacuum reflow systems, whether they be forced air based or vapour phase type ? If so, anyone seeing any negatives caused by the vacuum with regards liquid solder being 'sucked' away from the joints in the

Looking for portable vacuum pick-up tweezers

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 17 15:07:33 EST 2005 | davef

Some of our troop use manual tweezers. Some use 'vacuum pens' things. Vacuum pens are manually operated, vacuum powered. Suppliers of the vacuum pens things are: * Lighter weight, lower strength ** PenVac [www.virtual-ii.com] ** Vampire ** Select

Vacuum Bags

Electronics Forum | Wed May 16 13:40:19 EDT 2007 | slthomas

"I read a study a while back by IBM that showed too strong a vacuum would cause too much moisture to enter the bags." That's what the nitrogen is for. If you pull a vacuum w/o backfilling with something dry, like nitrogen, pretty soon the vacuum ove

Vacuum Soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 12 09:42:06 EDT 2014 | spitkis2

I am looking into Vapor Phase with Vacuum and Inline Reflow with Vacuum (besides Heller I believe a German company SMT has something comparable). There are a couple of companies I found that make vacuum ovens for soldering of hybrid microelectronics

vacuum reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri May 14 16:49:17 EDT 2021 | winston_one

Agree with WiIIR and also can recommend to play with vaccum pump RPM . Slower vacuum increasing have help me to resolve one problem caused by the vacuum (it was solder splash from BGA balls, but the reason can be similar to your case). Also check i

Vacuum Soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 12 08:35:25 EDT 2014 | jax

I don't fully understand what you are trying to do... 1. Reflow Solder in a Vacuum Temp Chamber 2. Vapor Phase / Condensation Solder with Vacuum 3. Contact Heat system with Vacuum 4. Inline Reflow Oven with Vacuum ... or what you are trying to sold

Application of vacuum technology

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 17 09:43:59 EDT 2021 | lay1014

Application of vacuum technology VACUUM FURNACE Metallurgical industry: The vacuum technology used in the metallurgical industry includes molten steel vacuum processing, vacuum melting, vacuum induction melting, induction shell melting, vacuum arc re

Fuji CP6 vacuum valves

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 13 08:12:58 EDT 2009 | cyber_wolf

Does anyone have a source for new Kuroda MDV235-P vacuum valves ?

High Altitude issues with Vacuum

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 01 10:43:30 EST 2009 | greg_diaz

Does anyone have any historical data on vacuum problems with SMT equipment at High Altitudes?

Dage XD7500NT X Ray vacuum tube

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 10 14:44:27 EDT 2014 | cyber_wolf

The machine has a vacuum pump in it.

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