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Vapor Phase vs Convection for production

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 28 07:50:42 EST 2011 | circleprime

Hi All, We're looking to replace one of our reflow ovens. I'm hoping that someone out there can give me a list of pros and cons of vapor phase vs convection for production reflow. Thanks, Shannon

Vapor Phase vs Convection for production

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 28 19:24:15 EST 2011 | jlawson

Should contact Rehm Thermal they have a whitepaper on pros and cons of Vapor Phase vs Convection.... Vapor phase traditionally targeted heavy PCB, large mass products better then lighter ones, due to ramp rate control being harder to attain vs say a

Reflow oven recommendation

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 03 12:16:58 EST 2010 | vmorina

Hi Jack, I haven't progressed that much on the reflow project.I'll be working on it in two weeks. Although, I have few vendors that I've been communicating for more info about vapor phase reflow ovens. See the following list: Wenesco Sintronex AICT


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