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Universal sequencer vcd 6241d Service manual

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 23 12:06:37 EDT 2021 | mk15

Hi, I am looking for a an Electrical Service Manual for a Universal Universal sequencer vcd 6241d. thanks

Universal sequencer vcd 6241d Service manual

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 23 13:39:25 EDT 2021 | charliedci

Try Dan at swuicsup@yahoo.com. He carries parts and knows these machines well.

VCD equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 20 16:07:49 EST 2015 | dyoungquist

What is VCD equipment and/or what does VCD stand for?

VCD equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 20 09:57:17 EST 2015 | Beto

Hello SMTnet universe, I'm looking for suggestions for a new VCD equipment. Any comment is welcome. Thanks.

VCD equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 21 15:10:30 EST 2015 | ahernand75

VCD equipment is a single-process sequencing and insertion of axial components and jumper wires. Cheers!

Universal VCD Tooling

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 01 03:22:32 EST 2001 | genglish

Hi, I work for a UK based CEM, I am looking to source some blank Universal VCD toolplates, for a dual head machine. The company we used to purchase the plates from has folded (EES and Amps) and we are looking for a new supplier, any ideas. G

Universal VCD Tooling - 22inch dual head.

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 15 06:09:31 EST 2001 | genglish

Is there anyone out there in SMT land who can provide me with a DXF (or other format) for a dual head VCD toolplate drawing, measuring 22" from side to side. regards G

Dynapert VCD-G board spare

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 23 10:28:00 EDT 2003 | lawrence

I owns a 1992 Dynapert VCD-G axial inserter, have face difficulty in locating Board level spare parts. Would appreciate help from your recommendation.

Universal VCD Technician

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 04 12:15:31 EST 2004 | Steve Gregory

I know this isn't SMT stuff, but does anybody know of a good free-lance Universal Technician that can come in and fix our 6285 VCD? Looking for someone around the Oklahoma area. Thanks a bunch! -Steve Gregory-

Through Hole Machines

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 09 10:51:12 EST 2005 | primus

We've got two Universal 6360 series VCD/Sequencers, much older than the VCD 8s out there now. They work AWESOME, provided everybody knows what they are doing. They are not difficult to operate or maintain. When everything's set up right, these things

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