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DeltaScan - Vectorless testing

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 26 17:59:09 EDT 2015 | gleblonc

Hi, There are some good training manuals available, you can likely get them buy going to support.acculogic.com or emailing to support@acculogic.com. The manuals are also in the installation folder and help files, but often speaking with a support per

advice on selecting ATE/ICT

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 20 15:02:36 EDT 2007 | pjc

You do not always need test points designed on the board. Any ICT supplier will consult with you on that and after looking at your designs. Teradyne offers new and refurb'd systems for ICT, analog only or w/ Vectorless testing to ensure ICs have a co

Is the demand for in-circuit testing still high for PCBA?

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 08 11:37:09 EDT 2008 | pjc

Yes, sure. In fact in some applications ICT is coming back. Mainly due to the fact that more and more SMT discrete components have no markings, so AOI cannot tell you if you have the correct value on the PCB. Fixed pin or flying probe ICT is a valuab

DeltaScan - Vectorless testing

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 24 16:23:30 EDT 2015 | aavalle

Hey all, New guy here. I'm working with an Acculogic Sprint 4510 flying prober that I have been tasked with figuring out how to utilize DeltaScan features on. I have been able to get one IC to give me positive feedback in regards to reading back sign


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