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Repairing balls on BGA's

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 09 10:55:51 EDT 2003 | Veronica

Hi Reman01, I have done that before when I was in Motorola. What kind of ball are you trying to repair? How many pieces of BGA chip do you need to repair a day? If it is not too many, you can do it by yourself. It is a lot, such as 100 to 1000 piece

QFN Recognotion Problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 06 00:08:41 EDT 2007 | barney

What software level do you currently have on your machines? If you have UPS+ 6.2.x there is a huge improvement. In the SOIC/QFP or any leaded catagory you will find a check box under the vision tab called noise filter. Check this box and the software

Coplanarity on fine pitch QFP

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 25 16:14:16 EDT 2000 | LarryK

What do you all do to fix coplanarity on fine pitch QFPs? I know that the best thing would be to send them back to the vender, but what about the when you gotta use them? Straightening by hand seems to be so time comsuming. Any better ways? Larry


Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 25 17:18:14 EDT 1998 | Vic Graninger

What is the industry standard for calibration compliance certification of SMT machines? and Flow Solder machines? We are currently doing a Quality Audit on one of our manufacturing venders and this questions has been brought up. Any help would be app

Gold versus HASL

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 09 11:20:50 EDT 2002 | ksfacinelli

I have never seen that occur when using gold plating vs. HASL. I am a big fan of the gold process and have achieved very consistent quality. Did the board vender do an impedance measure to validate you design?

BGA Reball templates

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 01 12:23:35 EST 2005 | faortiz

Hi, I'm wondering if anybody knows of another vender other then Winslow that makes disposable BGA reball templates? I really appreciate your help. Thank you, Felipe

part orientation

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 27 16:36:54 EDT 2008 | wrongway

I have lots of those parts don't go by the arrow it is a vender marking has nothing to do with the polarity go by the belveled edge you can't go wrong


Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 15 15:09:52 EDT 2002 | larryk

I have found that it all depends on your leadtime. I've found that tube and tray are easier to get then taper nad reel. I figure it has to do more with the vender. It's much easier to sell small quantites (ie tubes) then to try and sell a huge reel o

Reject Rate

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 16 01:35:15 EST 2009 | chandika

for reject rate depends on various parameters, Part data parameters, (Body tolerance,Part pickup & transport speed etc. ) Also depend on vaccum level, ( During the PM we need to messure pickup nozzle vaccumlevel using manometer ) According to raw mat


Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 20 10:22:18 EST 2000 | Sheng Jin

Hi: Many 75ALS573DW parts we reveived lately from one of our vender have some problem with its pin 2, an output pin of the tranciever ( probably resulting from EOS damage). Its impedance verse GND should be normally 3M ohm up. The parts we have measu

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