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Frequency to verify the reflow profile

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 03 04:16:27 EDT 2005 | Bryan She

Background: We use a thermal boards to setup/profiling the reflow oven for pilot run.and then daily verify the reflow profile with this thermal board.Now we phased into LF production,and the LF thermal board can only withstand 25~30 times reflow excu

Pick&Place Defects may be from supplier & potential solution

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 13 12:56:16 EDT 2021 | robl

Hi Tonies, Do you place 0201's from any other supplier? if so, do you see similar issues on those parts? There are a lot of things that can go wrong on 0201 & 01005 that aren't the part manufacturer - part data, printing, placement, nozzle sele

Wrong Parts Loaded......again

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 15 07:14:42 EDT 2014 | alexeis

Hi, We have developed solution called Setup Center that helps you to verify online/offline verification. Please read about a solution on our website: http://www.proventustech.com/#!-setup-center-for-samsung/cjeg If you have any questions, you can

Mix of Lead free & Leaded washing in same machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 31 13:51:33 EDT 2012 | joeherz

First off - There should be no issue with washing your OA/water soluble boards with the other customer's no clean units provided that the recipe being used has been validated to effectively clean each product. If your supplier is using a batch syste

Parts Blowing off in Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 17:56:47 EDT 2005 | Ryan

We have a new Heller 1809 EXL reflow oven and when we run MELF�s or Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors through the oven they are being blown off the pads. I have verified that the placement is good before reflow. I verified that they are pushed down

SMT Connector, Placement Issues

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 07 03:03:06 EDT 2008 | rafacadiz

We had the same problem last year. You need verify these key points. 1- Holes are drill, NOT PUNCH. 2- Inspect 100 Boards at microscope, and verify that there is not rest of fibers in the holes. 3- Meassure the dimensions of the holes. a) virgi


Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 25 17:20:55 EST 2016 | tombstonesmt

I'm guessing a field engineer with access disk will be the only person that can update or install recognition software. I just verified our machine does have a recognition version in that field. I would call Panasonic Factory Solutions and ask.

ICT testing to improve yields

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 27 08:58:24 EDT 2012 | rway

Reese, > > We would agree about the value of an > ICT system, in a general manufacturing > environment. However, a couple of notes > apply: > > 1. ICT isn't a catch-all, either, and > should be used to verify the process, not > validate it.

Question for everyone regarding part placement on the SMT line (feeder position)

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 28 16:34:34 EST 2020 | spoiltforchoice

I genuinely think component verifier on the machine is the optimum solution. Even then it can probably get caught out, we build some instrumentation that can have 10K 1%, 10K 0.1% and 10k 0.1% 2ppm, a verifier won't catch those getting mixed up,likew

Pick and Place vs CAD File

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 06 06:59:00 EDT 2017 | spoiltforchoice

I agree, in Essemtec's case all they needed to to make that 100% friendlier was let the layout visualiser be able to read and display some gerber data (paste and overlay). Otherwise the offline solution is to hold up a blank board/printout to verify

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