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RV4S capability.

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 24 17:40:30 EDT 2010 | microman

Hello, We are looking at purchasing a Versatronics RV4S. I am looking for some impartial advice on it's capabilities. The majority of our boards will have 0603 passives and maybe one or two 100 pin TQFP's, however, we are expecting to go down to 040

Quad 1000, looking for opinion

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 02 11:27:45 EST 2005 | rlackey

Depends on the actual requirements of the machine & the skill of the operator, but for that sort of money I've seen Juki 570's with a stack of feeders, Versatronics RV4's, older Mydata's, Samsung CP30's, Essemtec, Philips CSM's etc. I even once bough

Looking for Used low-end P&P machine

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 06 12:51:34 EDT 2010 | whitewing

Hi - I'm looking into possible low-end pick/place machines (in UK) for prototype/small runs - taking the next step from plastic stencil/hand place/pizza oven, as my local subcontractors can't offer the fast turnrounds I often need for short runs. Bud

Low cost automatic pick and place

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 26 08:30:10 EST 2010 | davef

Low cost prototyping * TWS Automation Quadra [www.tws-automation.com 39 0585 634758] * Versatronic RV4 [VSMT Solutions Ltd; 6 Dean Way, Aston Clinton, Aylesbury HP22 5GB, Buckinghamshire; 01296 630341 F01296 632144 http://www.vsmt.co.uk; David Clemen

Advice on used pick and place machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 09 07:50:22 EDT 2006 | quad

We currently run two Quad IVC's (we are very pleased with them) and two Versatronics for simple small volume batch work. We now need an additional machine capable of placing components at least three times as quickly as a IVC. We don't do anything ve

Pick and place machine for small productions. Any suggestions?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 19 04:21:11 EDT 2013 | spoiltforchoice

The budget is very small, if there is genuinely a saving to be had by moving this work in-house and away from subcontracting you should really be able to justify spending more. If you can't increase the budget maybe try shopping around for more compe


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