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Closing Dead Threads

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 04 14:44:51 EDT 2001 | bdoyle

Hm. Unfortunately we don't support this feature yet, but if there is enough support for it we could look into it for the future. For now I suppose forum vets could just kindly remind people not to drudge up old threads.

Ekra X6 vs. MPM Momentum Screen Printer

Electronics Forum | Wed May 25 10:51:35 EDT 2022 | oxygensmd

We are using EKRA E5 and X5. Both of them are rock-solid and easy-to-use machines. Software of these EKRAs are really user-friendly. If you make the yearly maintenance and preventive maintenance they will work for years. I know a factory where are ar


Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 09 18:22:06 EDT 2019 | spoiltforchoice

Not easy is it. However this forum is not exactly throbbing with activity and I think anything that encourages more people to use it is a good thing. That includes useful input from people selling tools, equipment & services we might use. Perhaps if

Researching placement machines - where do I start?!

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 20 08:23:13 EST 2009 | jeffreyj

MikeS - Thanks for the tips. Coombs book has been on my "to buy" list for awhile now... Guess I better buck-up and get it. EMPF is an old gem, for sure, but one I had forgotten about, so thanks for that reminder. I couldn't find the SMT 101 guide at


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