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via in pad

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 14 01:34:19 EDT 2002 | Yngwie

I have the following questions on Via in Pad and want to understand each of them wrt : - complete Via in pad - partial encroachment - via partially in pad 1) What is the general feel for via in pad for upcoming designs? 2) What are the manufacturi

0402 via in pad

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 27 19:55:13 EST 2002 | nifhail

Hi, I need help to understand further on the via in pad for 0402 requirement. If I were to do the DFM over the brd design which consist of 0402 with via on pad, what is the criteria that I should look for ? I learned that the via in pad does not wor

via in pad

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 12 05:40:05 EDT 2002 | Kenture

Hello All, I am having issued with insufficient solder due to via in pad. It is a 10 mils via and PCB is 70 mil thick. Six mils stencils was used since there are some 20 mils (No clean process). Any recommendation? Thank you.

BGA via in pad

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 23 09:13:48 EDT 2007 | Peter W

Hello, those plated and solderable via in pads have two critical points: 1. We have discovered that _sometimes_ the plating seems not to be perfect, as extreme voiding is visible in tha bga solder ball 2. The detection of some defects by AXI is limi

via in pad

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 12 06:43:49 EDT 2002 | davef

Alternatives to consider are: * Opening-up your stencil aperture put-down more paste to compensate for the amount that is being used to fill the via. * Relaying-out the board to plug and plate over the via. * Relaying-out the board to move the via fr

BGA via in pad

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 16 17:15:51 EDT 2007 | davef

Ask the board fabricator to: * Fill the vias with resin. * Then metalize and copper plate the filled via along with the pad. * Then plate with solderability protection. This results in what appears to be a solid pad. For more, look here: http://www

BGA via in pad

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 14 13:16:54 EDT 2007 | Shane

I have a customer that designed a fine pitch BGA into a board, and has put small vias in the middle of each pad on the PCB. Anyone have any ideas on how I can prevent the solder from the BGA from flowing through the vias and causing voids or no cont

BGA via in pad

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 15 13:27:45 EDT 2007 | Pete

We had a customer do a similar thing. We notified our customer and educated them on what was happening. We were instructed to try one and report on the results, as the vias were supposed to be filled (and weren't). We pasted and reflowed and as su

via in pad

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 15 15:16:34 EDT 2002 | Abelardo Rodriguez Santana

We run into that issue all the time. If a corrective action must be done right away. Place Kapton tape on the bottom side of the board to cap off the via. If you have room to place tape if not use pink lady or something to plug the via. And weathe

via in pad

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 15 16:03:45 EDT 2002 | davef

Abelardo, In your response on this thread you mention "pink lady". Please help us understand "pink lady" better. Is that a temporary solder mask?

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