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Re: Matrix Trays

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 05 16:27:40 EDT 2000 | M. Vina

Mike, I believe these are two possible sources: Peak (408) 934-2480 Eco-Tel (408) 524-7100 M. Vina

Madder Than Hell

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 18 13:56:39 EDT 1998 | No Friend Of Alpha

So my salesman says to me that we could return our unneeded Al frames from our MPM printer to Alphametals in CA for credit to be applied toward a future sale. Sonded good. So I boxed up all the damn frames (44) and shipped them off to Goofyland. Now

Re: Madder Than Hell

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 13 21:58:14 EDT 1998 | Alpha Guy

When things go wrong (see below) it can usually be attributed to a communication problem. This is exactly the issue with this case. A meeting has been held and corrections have been made with no hard feelings. However, another call rather than a


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