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Cad2Cad, anyone?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 17:03:31 EDT 2007 | jseagle

We output to ftip and import into GemlinePPS which links the parts to the package database in PPS. It would be nice to directly export a VIOS txt file with all the info needed. James

Assembleon / Philips / Yamaha VIOS - PCB copying

Electronics Forum | Wed May 22 14:13:02 EDT 2019 | compit

Is there any way to copy files in the VIOS format directly from the machine and upload them to another machine? It seems to me that all files are stored in one database :(

Topaz files, information

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 20 20:28:04 EST 2012 | acsscott

Have you done any more work on this? I have a program that reads the Altium files, a feeder database,and makes a UFOS file for the older CSM machines. I can't get the UFOS to VIOS convertor on our Topaz X to read the UFOS *.BRD files. It stops and

Software for converting txt2vios or programming a Philips Comet

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 15 07:25:55 EDT 2005 | Base

Try to get hold of the Philips/Assembleon Cad2Cad program, it is (or was) free. You can import several (proprietary) file formats and centroid files and export it as VIOS text-files. All you need to do then on the machine is assign the correct compon

Cad2Cad 1.5

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 06 18:11:46 EST 2007 | slthomas

I've discovered an interesting bug. If I take a VIOS pcb file on the machine, convert to text, copy to disk, then open that file up on a pc with Cad2Cad, when I close the file all of the component info. has reverted to defaults (comp. number = feed

Seeking CAD2CAD software for creating VIOS TXT FILES

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 25 16:57:30 EDT 2017 | zippi

Hi, Our Company write a new software to Convert p&p files to assembleon text or xml file. We use it with an Ellipse 2, topaz X and an OPAL XII. You can check all positions compare with Gerber, set database number and compare component size, set fidu

Comet Philips machine error

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 18 02:42:46 EST 2005 | vinitverma

Greg, I recently faced this problem at a customer though the machine was Topaz X but the problem was same. So I suggest you first check if the GOOD LED is ON on the Servo card down in the MCX box. Also check the same GOOD LED on the System board in


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