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X-Ray for CM

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 18 13:51:37 EDT 2010 | mike_at_agility

We are a growing CM and need to upgrade our X-ray. I am looking for opinions on Feinfocus, Viscom and Dage machines for contract manufacturing.

AOI Inspection equipment for populated PCB's

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 15 04:21:08 EST 2008 | bejingaf

Hello! I'm interested if anyone did any comparisions now days betwen several AOI types for inline inspection of populated SMT and THT PCB's. I'm mostly interested in multicamera systems ( MIRTEC, LANDREX, ORBOTECH, VISCOM....). I have checked few of

Another AOI thread

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 18 07:07:35 EDT 2012 | buckcho

Thank you for the response, but the machine selection is not made by me, I only evaluate the machines. So two days ago I visited a company that has a Viscom AOI. I had good impressions about the machine but there were couple of things I didn't like:

AOI Bench top

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 04 11:55:23 EDT 2012 | tony_d

We are a low to mid range manufacturer as well. I looked at several different vendors incuding; Mirtec, Viscom, Marantz, Omron, VI Tech, Orbotech and Yestech. We selected Mirtec. As a mid range manufacturer, one of my main concerns was quick and eas

Which AOI /SPI System is the Best? Viscom S3088; Koh Young 8030 or Parmi Xceed

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 21 23:37:18 EST 2016 | paradoxson

Hello to All, I have a question. We are currently under negotiation to buy a SPI/ 3D AOI as a bundle. Since there are so much of different companys, we took already 3 of them into the inner circle. What are your experiences whith these 3 Systems? I

Which AOI /SPI System is the Best? Viscom S3088; Koh Young 8030 or Parmi Xceed

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 25 06:38:47 EDT 2016 | buckcho

Hello, I have used KY and Parmi and I can give you my personal opinion on these two machines. Pluses for Parmi: 1.Extremely fast - for me faster than KY. 2.More simplified than KY; 3.Simpler calibration that KY; Pluses for KY: 1.Superior 3D viewing,


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