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Vi-TEchnology Vi-5000

Electronics Forum | Mon May 02 14:01:26 EDT 2016 | russwa

Hello Ermani, I am the support manager for ViTECHNOLOGY in the Americas and we can provide you any assistance you may need. Give me a call in our office at 972-235-1170 so that we can discuss your specific needs. Russ Warncke

Vi-TEchnology Vi-5000

Electronics Forum | Tue May 03 09:04:29 EDT 2016 | russwa

Hello Ermani, For support in India it is best you contact the regional support team. They can be reached at support.asia@vitechnology.com or +65 6747 6550. Thanks, Russ

Vi-TEchnology Vi-5000

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 16 02:48:08 EDT 2016 | ermani9

Hi, Can any body help me in calibration and programming of AOI machine Vi-5000?

Vi-TEchnology Vi-5000

Electronics Forum | Mon May 02 10:36:22 EDT 2016 | ilavu

Where are you located? I have calibration kit and some programming experience too.

Vi-TEchnology Vi-5000

Electronics Forum | Tue May 03 00:06:03 EDT 2016 | ermani9

Hi.. Russ, Thanks. I will call you but what time is OK with you? We are in India.

AOI Inspection equipment for populated PCB's

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 19 03:39:16 EST 2008 | d0min0

Hi, our company evaluated MVP vs ViTechnology vs CyberOptics the choice is CyberOptics series ( one machine pre-reflow one post-reflow )

does any one know if you must register a ViTech 5000 AOI machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 17 16:59:23 EDT 2011 | rway

You can always go to the source. http://www.vitechnology.com/

Vi-TEchnology Vi-5000

Electronics Forum | Tue May 03 00:03:30 EDT 2016 | ermani9

Hi.. Tushar, We are located in Chandigarh (India). We have our calibration kit too. Even performed Calibration also. But could not proceed for programming. Tried a lot but failing..

AOI - Automated Optical Inspection

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 09 21:21:45 EST 2004 | Dave

Terry, I use a VItechnology AOI and I'm very happy with it. I find the software to be very flexible. You will realize how much components vary from one manufacturer to another, so flexibility is important. The Omron machines are good at solder

AOI - Automated Optical Inspection

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 11 20:38:41 EST 2004 | TerryH

Dave, Good to hear about VITechnology. Youre right about flexibility to deal with component variation. We have had problems with different batches causing rejects. When you say Omron for solder, do you mean solder paste or reflowed solder joints ?

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