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Dover Coporation selling Vitronics Soltec

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 23 14:31:56 EDT 2006 | stepheniii

Vitronics Soltec isn't all that is on the seller's block.

Dover Coporation selling Vitronics Soltec

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 22 12:50:16 EDT 2006 | Mark H

I've recently been told that Dover Corporation is selling the Vitronics Soltec division. Has anyone heard anything more about this? Our company is looking at buying a new wavesolder machine, but are hesitant with the news. Here is the release from

Vitronics Soltec Wave Problems

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 11 11:38:33 EDT 2007 | chrisgriffin


Re: Vitronics SMR400 Dual Edge Rail

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 19 21:40:37 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Dave: Consider: Vitronics Soltec 2 Marin Way Stratham, NH 03885 888-473-3569 603-772-7778 Fax: 9340 www.vitronicsoltec.com info@us.vitronics-soltec.com

Anybody can tell me log in password for Vitronic smr800

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 30 16:50:28 EST 2001 | DaveJ

Billy, We have a 7 year old Vitronics SMR-800N. Try "user". If not, call or e-mail Jay Denuzzia at Vitronics-Soltec (jdenuzzia@us.vitronics-soltec.com).

Wave solder: Vitronics-Soltec vs. Electrovert

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 17 18:33:01 EDT 2004 | Hiram

Hi everybody, We are in the process of buying a new wave solder machine. Does anybody have experience working with Vitronics-Soltec (Delta wave 6622-CC for example)? What about Electrovert (Electra)? I would appreciate your feedback. Hiram

Wave solder: Vitronics-Soltec vs. Electrovert

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 24 12:08:43 EDT 2004 | davef

Jon Hall: What were the areas of performance of the Electrovert Vectra that stood above the Vitronics-Soltec Delta?

Vitronics Soltec : Service help

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 22 17:36:00 EST 2004 | jax

Looking for Service and TroubleShoot on a Vitronics Soltec DeltaWave in the Texas Area. Looking for service to be provided before 12/01/04

Vitronics Soltec sold

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 01 16:46:14 EDT 2008 | fredc

http://investor.itw.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=71064&p=irol-newsArticle&ID=1122973&highlight= That is quite a long link, if it works it is a news release from ITW the company that just purchased Vitronics Soltec.

help vitronics soltec reflow ppm reach 10014

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 18 06:30:23 EDT 2014 | nhel_0009

Hi guys. Kindly help me on our reflow (vitronics soltec). My problem is the n2 value reach 10014...any possible solution or suggestion guys..

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