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cognex card VPM-5238D

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 29 11:46:40 EST 2015 | aj

Hi all, Long shot but worth a try, I am trying to identify ref: L1 Inductor which is on the back of the above mentioned cognex card ( green camera Dek GSX265 machine). Card functions fine but doesn't output any video - L1 is blown on the back whic

DEK 265GS - Vision hardware error

Electronics Forum | Thu May 23 12:27:19 EDT 2019 | weglimir

Hello I have problem with card: VPM-5238D - Namely when printer starts, and DEK program initializes, it hangs for a while on "Downloading vision system" and then following error appears: "Vision Hardware Error - FATAL ERROR - REINITALIZE MACHINE" "


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