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GSM Zeroing problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 09 15:17:48 EDT 2015 | goodting

Thanks for the inquiry. We used MCD (Motion Control Dia) tool to verify if that is caused by VRM board. No respond(I means the related axis was off) was detected. we swapped that board to other machine, the VRM card was good.... X axis was stopped, t

GSM Zeroing problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 16 15:09:27 EDT 2015 | goodting

Can anyone tell what Axis controller and VRM-MC board does in GSM machine? Regards

Life Expectancy

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 13 10:20:20 EDT 2018 | reckless

Wouldn't the VRM linear motors need to be replaced eventually? How long do they generally last on the genesis? Replacing a ball and screw is not cost prohibitive but the linear motors sounds like it would be. Wouldn't that be the life of a genesis

Life Expectancy

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 15 03:00:16 EDT 2018 | reckless

Thanks for responding. Which one do you like better GI14 or GC60? I agree with you that VRM motors are better.

Width control on Universal Genesis (PWC) issue

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 18 07:29:22 EDT 2022 | poly

oh great, I'll check that out, can I just swap that between the two machines to check? Is that module on the front of the machine or on the back with the VRM modules? I'm pretty new to finding stuff on the machines!

It does say Electronics Forum

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 04 00:47:57 EDT 2017 | silversurfer11

Hello, I am experiencing a high pitched noise coming from a computer component and I think it might be the 18 inductors they have placed on the PCB as part of the VRM. I am think of using a 2 part Thermal Conductive Adhesive and fix all the inducto

Universal Genesis Inline7

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 16 11:42:58 EST 2018 | reckless

Thanks for the explanation! I'm trying to google and find out more about the sapphire not finding much info on it. Also, trying to better understand the whole philips/assembleon/yamaha history especially on the GEM Yamaha line. Not much out there.

Universal Instruments Genesis Servo Amp

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 21 05:34:21 EST 2019 | reckless

I have 2 older genesis machines currently down due to VRM Servo issues. I'm debating whether its better to stock up on some spares as I'm finding spares cheap currently. How often do they go out and how long should they last? Any other parts that

Life Expectancy

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 15 02:34:17 EDT 2018 | directx995

@Reckless on GI14 machine, we have around 90k picks per week. About maintenance I rly can not say, since I'm head of programming and not maintenance. But as far as I know GI14 is rly complex just as @Comatose said, but it is much different then GC6

It does say Electronics Forum

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 05 21:10:32 EDT 2017 | silversurfer11

Thank you for your reply. I will attach another photo to explain. I don't really understand what they do other than they are part of the Voltage Regulator Module. What I also read on other forums was that they are potted or encapsulated and they sh


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