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Added capibilites going from 7w to 20w, 355nm YAG laser

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 17 08:47:18 EST 2014 | cloughley

What are the added capabilites going from 7w to 20w, 355nm YAG laser I wanted to know what the added capabilities we now have are going from a 7w to 20w, 355nm YAG laser. Currently we support the following materials: http://www.bestlaser.net/mater

Do you use a FUJI NXTIII pick and place machine? I wonder if you are using W08c, or W08f feeder?

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 21 06:05:48 EDT 2022 | sophyluo1985

Hi,Dear All,Recently we have many customers asking us, FUJI NXTIII pick and place machine can use W08c feeder or W08f feeder, which one is better? We know the W08c will cost less than the W08f feeder. But there will still be some people who will be c

bga placement w/Fuji IP2?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 12 13:02:38 EDT 2004 | jasont

anybody doing bga placement w/Fuji IP2? what is required if it is possible (camera, nozzles, s/w, etc.), thanks

Rework Station for Large PCBs

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 24 08:31:53 EDT 2018 | mgerrior

Hey, thanks for your response and the information on the TF2800. Would this be suitable for PCBs up to 30 layers? The specs of the bottom heater are quite low in comparison to other "large PCB" rework stations. 1000W bottom heater whereas most are

Universal Advantis

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 12 14:56:04 EST 2005 | Ola

I think Rob & Mika has a point here about the s/w. We think that this is a very good machines and s/w, but in some cases it is necessary for an update to fix some s/w problem. We usually need to pay a lot of money for that and receive some features/o

Universal GSM1 manual

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 10:59:08 EDT 2007 | mika

Did You recieve any s/w with it? If something has happend to the hard drive or something could happens in the future then you need to reinstall... S/W ver. is written on the the s/w package. It should contain s/w for: The OS (Operating system), Visi

Re: PCB Design software

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 18 03:00:23 EST 2000 | cklau

Hi there; CAD s/w and h/w are very expensive investment these day's , exspecially for EDA(Electronic Design Automation).Since that many of the CAD data is not compatible to each other format then it is very important that they choose the right one.H

Do you use a FUJI NXTIII pick and place machine? I wonder if you are using W08c, or W08f feeder?

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 25 13:58:16 EDT 2022 | kojotssss

Route differences you should read in user manuals from Fuji. As i know W08f types feederes comes from factory with magnetic Sub plate, for f type is it Standard equipment!

Re: SRT Rework Station, Model FPD-W

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 24 14:03:59 EST 2000 | John Cudmore

Brian, The SRT FPD-W is an older unit that has been successful for a long time. We have used it at BEST with good results. The SRT FPD-W is a very good machine for the uses you mentioned except possibly for the BGAs. I have seen some used for BGA

I am looking for the s/w for smt process

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 08 20:33:15 EST 2001 | Kyung Sam Park

Where can I find this kinds of S/W for SMT PROCESS. With defects collected for each smtline Analyze the cause of defect using D/B in smt process automatically(DB means cause of defects in smt process already prepared with for a long period ex

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