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Wait'll the IPC gets a hold of this

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 16 17:44:40 EDT 2002 | dragonslayr

Wait'll the IPC gets a hold of this - I expect a committee to be formed quite soon. Any volunteers?

Wait, Wait, Wait ... Let's Talk About This

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 18 14:24:07 EST 2013 | davef

Here's the story: * Solder will melt and alloy with the solder alloy that you have in the pot. * Flux will smoke, smell and leave schmutz floating on the surface of the solder in the pot. While the amount of smoke, smell and schmutz are variables, b


Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 31 17:26:26 EST 2000 | Ramon I Garcia C

Thanks Stefano: That's the information I have been waiting. Ramon

about thermocouple for refloe and rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 17 21:14:14 EDT 2000 | hankey_cn

Who can tell me the IPC** about the thermocouple for reflow and rework? I'm waiting....

Solder splashes on gold

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 30 14:16:49 EDT 2003 | davef

While your waiting for others to respond, search to fine SMTnet Archives on: "solder and gold and finger"

About immersion tin

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 06 09:55:35 EDT 2003 | davef

While you are waiting for others to reply, search the fine SMTnet Archives on: * immersion and tin * imm and tin

Must read: The Manufacturing Coalition

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 11 12:28:44 EST 2004 | patrickbruneel

Thanks a lot for the info. This is what I have been waiting for. Thanks again Patrick

Device to create a reflow/wave profile

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 21 19:28:18 EST 2005 | davef

Search the fine SMTnet Archives while you're waiting for others to respond.

BGA relow without solder paste?

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 21 01:51:32 EDT 2005 | hly

Cognex board is bad. Waiting to get a replacement. Thanks for offering to help

Solder Paste Voids

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 23 20:12:53 EST 2005 | davef

Search the fine SMTnet Archives for background on BGA void, while you're waiting for others to respond

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