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200 pin connector reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 07 10:07:02 EST 2019 | charliedci

Requesting help from anyone with experience in reflowing Te Connect, PN 1565917-4, 200 pin connecter. Pic attached. Cannot get all 200 pins to wet, main suspect is slight PCB warping during reflow. Have adjusted reflow profile. A 2.75 inch long SMT c

200 pin connector reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 08 14:19:59 EST 2019 | dwl

You can try putting titanium stiffeners on the PCB to prevent it from warping. How thick is your stencil? More paste would give you a wider window however too much and you risk bridging. You could try over printing the pad at the heel and toe to get

200 pin connector reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 08 14:45:12 EST 2019 | charliedci

Appreciate the input from everyone. The PCB is .062" thick. As a CM we are at the mercy of our customer at this point although (hopefully) they are receptive to advice on the next build. Titanium strips could be an option, I also thought there might

Smartmedia connector in reflow soldering

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 23 10:19:39 EST 2002 | davef

This sounds alot like the warping that we all see periodically in BGA. CTE of material is temperature dependent and not temperature changing rate dependent, so you are pretty much hosed by the physics. Regardless, I do like trying like crazy to g

I am looking for an IPC spec for intentional PCB warp

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 22 13:54:25 EST 2014 | proceng1

My customer made a process change to overcome a design flaw. The PCB assembly mounts in a plastic housing. The PCB mounts to the front housing via plastic stand-offs. They had to change a connector on the back side of the assembly due to long term

SMT Connectors: Corner legs lifts.

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 16 10:07:12 EST 2020 | davef

Hej back at ya Your connectors could be warping during reflow. Find out by putting a connector on a hot plate and increasing the temperature. If so, you might get away with a simple fix of rotating the board 90* on your reflow oven conveyor. If you

surface mount connector, disturbed solder

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 21 10:59:39 EDT 2008 | davef

That you have 'grainy' solder only at the ends of the connector and not at all solder connections indicates that your quality types are on track and are pointing you in a direction worthy of investigation and developing a better understanding of the

Re: Paste-in_hole and CTE

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 28 14:34:13 EDT 2000 | Gary Simbulan

Belive it or not, these boards were run through a Centech batch mode Vapor Phase machine. Single stage top side IR preheat. Vapor temp 218 C. Solder paste is an SN62 RMA.The boards were FR4 8 layer w/ solder mask, fairly conventional as might be e

Nylon connectors in reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 26 11:15:47 EDT 2003 | blnorman

We use HTN (high temperature nylon - Zytel) connectors in our reflow ovens with no warping, bubbling, or cracking. You can also use PPA (Amodel).

Paste-in_hole and CTE

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 26 18:23:47 EDT 2000 | Gary

I have been following forum discussions here and eslewhere, attended technical sessions at APEX and have been experimenting with the paste-in-hole process on some of our new product. I have run into one problem I have never seen mentioned, that is a

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