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Closed loop wash

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 01 13:48:45 EST 2012 | anvil1021

Is this an aqueous wash or chemistry wash? If aqueous you will need a DI water system at your facility. There are several ways of going about that, but there is an initial capital investment. Good luck on your project.....

Closed loop wash

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 02 19:30:09 EST 2012 | rgduval

It'll be a DI system. As it turns out, we contacted another EMS company down here, and asked them what they did. They pointed us to their supplier. Conveniently, the same company will set up the DI system for us, and the post wash filtering/plum

Closed loop wash

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 29 11:58:53 EST 2012 | rgduval

Thanks, Dave. As a start-up, we're trying to make it as cost effective as possible. That said, we also want to do it right. We don't want the possibility of the City/State/EPA coming down on us anytime in the future for contaminants being discharg

Closed loop wash

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 28 16:30:31 EST 2012 | rgduval

We've just acquired a batch washer at an auction, and want to install it as a closed loop system. The only problem is I have no idea where to turn or what to look for for a drain filtering system that will allow us to make it a closed loop system.

Closed loop wash

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 29 11:06:47 EST 2012 | davef

Approaches to getting started are: * Most batch cleaning equipment suppliers provide both open and closed loop options on their machines. Talk to them about upgrading your machine. * There are companies that specialize in supplying closed loop system

Inline wash foam

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 02 18:40:33 EDT 2012 | joeherz

We used to have a Nuclean 324 that was running closed loop with a DI water recirc system. We also had problems with foaming that was solved with a relatively simple fix. We bypassed the final rinse solenoid so that it was always running. This allo

Foam in the wash

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 14 16:52:08 EDT 2007 | joeherz

Brian, We've see foaming issues with our wave flux occasionally when running large slugs of product through the wash. We love the wave flux and changing it was not an option. Our process parameters for the wash machine we're derived via a validati

Re: Opinions on in-line wash equipment?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 22 13:29:29 EDT 1999 | Deon Nungaray

| We're a CM doing low volume/high mix and are considering buying from one of the two big names, TR** or Sp*******/El*********. We need saponified wash for some of our no-clean over wave; the great majority is OA from our SMT lines. Any thoughts? |

Cleaning film build-up in a Stainless wash system....

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 31 07:01:25 EST 2005 | EHess

Run a water-soluble mask that foams in the wash. Use a de-foamer to contol that. One or the other, or both are causing a greasy build-up that is hard to get off in certain areas. I have a closed loop DI water system. Can I use some sort of deterg

Cleaning film build-up in a Stainless wash system....

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 31 13:38:17 EST 2005 | mrclean

This build up is likely related to the defoamer. Defoamers are typically based on waxes and/or high molecular weight Hydrocarbons. As defoamers only need to work on the exposed fluid surface, not a lot of defoamer is needed (unless you are using

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