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Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 10 09:28:54 EST 2006 | stepheniii

Water is known as the universal solvent for a reason. Not because it's a powerfull solvent but because it has hydrogen bonding and is bi-polar. I think it's the polar nature of H20 that makes it disolve ions. D.I. water will pick up ions where it c


Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 13 12:17:32 EST 2006 | davef

Se�or Tech Put a penny in your water wash tank that uses DI water. It will disappear in a couple of weeks.


Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 09 21:57:25 EST 2006 | davef

Se�or Tech If you want clean board using a dish waher, you must run deionized water. If you run DI water through a dishwasher, it will cut through those flimsy pipes like fire driven by Sana Anna Winds through dry brush.


Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 10 07:54:56 EST 2006 | cyber_wolf

Dave, Are you talking about electrolysis ? I thought D.I. water prevented this reaction ?


Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 08 12:07:53 EST 2006 | cyber_wolf

Not to be funny, but can't you use a dishwasher ? They are cheap. The only worry there may be water spots, but if you blow your boards dry with an air hose I think they will be OK.


Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 13 13:34:53 EST 2006 | pjc

Look for the following machines: Aqueous Technologies ECD EMC Austin American The above mfrs. make "industrial" grade dishwashers for assembled PCB de-fluxing. Search any of those names followed by "..... batch cleaner", and your search engine will


Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 09 10:29:37 EST 2006 | stepheniii

I worked at one place where they had a dishwasher. They had stopped using it by the time I got there. But if they had kept using it I would have gotten a clean glass and put it in to see how clean it came out. I think after a while with only one tan

Possible to water wash no-clean solder paste boards?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 14 01:43:09 EDT 2005 | pyramus

Solder paste used was Kester FL250M (no-clean).... components affected were only chip components 0603, no BGA & no IC components.

boards damaged by water wash

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 06 12:55:01 EDT 1999 | Patrick O'Connor

0603's and 0402's are being damaged by the water wash post reflow. PCA's are 1" X 4" and 2" X 2" approximately. We've adjusted water pressure so that the top-down is higher than the bottom up. The baskets have a .5" mesh spacing. Some baskets h

bga reflow in water clean solder

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 08:14:59 EDT 2004 | iqbal

Is anybody doing BGA soldering water clean solder. If yes how you are ensure cleaness. We have boards with Four BGA and 2000 chip and ICs.We are processing with no clean solder but we are getting bad wetting so now we are planning to switch to water

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