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Possible to mix a No-Clean solder and a Clean solder process

Apr 5, 2018 | We are currently in a Clean solder process (SMT+Wave Solder+Washing). Now our management is plannin

Soldering electrolytic capacitor

Jun 21, 2017 | Hello, > > I have an assembly that I am > considering to run in a regular process(SMT, > Wave

Soldering electrolytic capacitor

Jun 21, 2017 | Hello, I have an assembly that I am considering to run in a regular process(SMT, Wave)and afterwo

Nitrogen used in selective soldering

Jan 23, 2015 | Per our selective solder provider, they recommend a PSA type generator to supply the needed 99.999%

SAC305 and Selective Soldering

Sep 18, 2013 | Hello Bachman. SAC305 is the most common lead-free solder alloy, not only for wave soldering but als

ERSA Selective Solder questions

Apr 29, 2013 | Do you watch when it is doing the wave height test? Watch it and see if it goes up to the same spot

solder alloy change

Jan 18, 2013 | if your solder wave machine has a removable solder pot, consider getting a second solder pot. So you

solder alloy change

Jan 17, 2013 |

What is TTW soldering

Nov 30, 2010 | Reading some spec sheets and am seeing profiles for reflow and TTW soldering. A Google search tells

Solder pot testing

Oct 21, 2008 | Hey all, I'm looking for a place to get the solder from my wave flow tested, any suggestions?

ive solder profiles

Aug 12, 2008 | GR@ICS: Are you drag soldering or point-to-point soldering? Keep in mind. Drag soldering mimics

Soltec 6748 ive Solder

Jul 25, 2008 |

Is solder purity affect solder joint reliability?

Jul 14, 2008 | Q1. Do we really need to follow the IPC J-STD-001 Solder purity? A1. Yes, you should control impuri

expired solder paste

Apr 7, 2008 | can we use the expired solder paste and put in a solder pot of wave machine?

Seho 1135-F Wave, Need password all the time....I need help

Jan 16, 2008 | We have a Seho 1135-F Soldering wave. Everytime we shut the machine off it asks for a password. We c

Micro Solder Balls in No Clean Selective Solder Process

Jan 8, 2008 | We are building class 3 products, using no clean on wave and selective solder machines. Both proces

Solder Balls and Humidity

Aug 23, 2007 |

Solder voids in PTH

Aug 18, 2007 | Hi All, Via X-rays, we found solder voids appear on PTH location, especially on Dimm connectors a

Reduction of solder paste usage

Mar 7, 2007 | First, don't put solder paste in a wave solder pot, the 50% by volume of organics and volatiles will

No-Clean Solder

Mar 5, 2007 | When no-clean flux and no-clean soldering first came out in the late 80's / early 90's, there were l

Solder Joints too Shiny?

Sep 7, 2006 | I just converted our waves from an old alcohol-based flux to a new VOC-Free Water-based flux. The r

Selective solder nozzels

May 3, 2006 | Samir, You said, "You can't talk to molten solder." I curse at the molten solder from time espec

Dip Soldering Advice

Nov 16, 2005 | Check out the Unit Design web site and look at their drag soldering machines. You do not want to try

Draining a Solder Pot-

Sep 27, 2005 | Hi Steve, When I drain our wave solder pot in preparation for loading a lead free alloy (SN100); I a

Vertical fill solder

Sep 8, 2005 | Hello, Could anyone provide some support concern issue with vertical fill of through hole solder

kapton dots and liquid solder mask

Aug 9, 2005 | You can also insert a stainless steel screw the size of the hole in the board before wave soldering,

Selective soldering justification

May 9, 2005 | They are expensive so you need to have a lot of jobs that take a long time to hand solder or have a

Leadfree dip soldering

May 9, 2005 |

Leadfree dip soldering

May 4, 2005 |

Soldering Test Interview

Apr 30, 2005 | I failed in a Soldering interview.My recruiter send me for PTH wave soldering. The company given me

Solder bath eruptions

Mar 7, 2005 | Ken, You nailed it! We have a Electrovert Vectra wave solder machine that will erupt solder all

Screen printing Solder Mask

Mar 4, 2005 | Anybody have any ideas on the proper way to screen solder mask onto a PCB? I am going to cover SMT

Solder pot contamination

Aug 9, 2004 |

Solder Paste / Flux manufacturers

Jan 13, 2004 | Can anyone provide a list of the top 5 solder paste / wave flux manufacturers by sales? We are evalu

solderability and hasl thickness

Sep 10, 2003 | Intermetallic compounds [IMC]: * Form during the alloying process of some metals. In soldering thes

solder fillet peeling

Jul 3, 2003 | So, there is a crack or gap between: * Solder and component termination. Bingo Correct? Descr

Solder joints/inspection

Jul 18, 2002 | Platitudes about soldering are: * People ARE NOT good at soldering. * Machines ARE good at solder

Solder Robbing Pads

Jun 25, 2002 | Folks, I am interested in learning more about solder robbing pads to help and avoid bridging

Soldered PCB jumpers

Nov 27, 2001 | Oooo, I get it. We do that trick on the wave solder side of boards. On the bare board, during de

flying probe test services

Metcal soldering rework