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Thermal Relief Pad causes bad solder

Sep 9, 2016 | Are your solder relief pads connected to anything in terms of ground planes that would increase the

ERSA Selective Solder questions

Jun 6, 2013 | I used method 'A' but I leave the wave on. I use a stainless steal brush like 7248T13 on McMaster-C

ERSA Selective Solder questions

May 8, 2013 | Stephen, We are now running with 99.999 N, New nozzles and our wave height has stabilized. I will

ERSA Selective Solder questions

May 2, 2013 | Kurtz had a guy that was great with the machine. I strongly suggest that you watch the wave heigh

ERSA Selective Solder questions

Apr 25, 2013 | We aquired an ERSA ECOSELECT 2 selective soldering machine. So we are going through a learning curve

Solder mask dispensing machine

Nov 22, 2011 | We are looking for a new machine to replace our Asymtek C-708 that we use for wave masking. Asymtek

Any good soldering pallets fabricators to recommend??

Apr 10, 2009 | We can provide cheaper and better quality pallet for both Wave soldering and Reflow application. Ou

Any good soldering pallets fabricators to recommend??

Feb 5, 2009 | Can anyone recommend some good wave soldering/reflow pallets fabricators? We are procuring good pal

SN100 Solder Bar

Dec 6, 2008 | We are going to convert a Leaded Wave machine (EMS Stallion) to Lead Free. Can we just empty the

ive solder profiles

Aug 6, 2008 |

ive solder profiles

Aug 4, 2008 |

ive solder profiles

Aug 4, 2008 | After analyzing the pictures I don't think the solder balls are caused by the solder mask. If the p

ive solder profiles

Aug 4, 2008 |

Soltec 6748 ive Solder

Jul 24, 2008 | Didn't Wave Master Larry go to Soltec College? Might want to look him up. I understand he is looki

Lead free solder slivers (swarf)

Jun 7, 2007 | I currently have issues with "slivers" of solder on or behind QFP devices. This has only occured on

Step by step guide in evaluation of Solder Bar and Flux

Dec 8, 2006 | Hi Guru, I have a project to evaluate different kind of Solder Bar and Flux to be used in wave sold

Soldering Iron Questions

Nov 2, 2006 | I'm looking for some information on soldering irons being used in my no-lead process. Specificall

Solder Ball After Reflow Process

Aug 21, 2006 | Larry, You always seem to twist things back to your wave solder process, ya nut! Anyway, why ov

Selective solder nozzels

May 9, 2006 |

MS2 molten solder surfactant

Mar 15, 2006 | Greetings all, Dross has no value to the assembler. It actually degrades quality as a clean solder

MS2 molten solder surfactant

Jan 19, 2006 | Hey guys - our lab has some data and photographs available for the MS2 for use in wave solder from s

Solder Pot Temp fluctuating

Dec 21, 2005 | Hi AJ, First, I am not intimately familiar with your wave, but I will share some experiences I h

Dip Soldering Advice

Nov 14, 2005 | Hello, I am looking at a manual solder bath that the operator will dip the boards into. We looked a

Solder sticking to Stainless Steel Fasteners

Oct 12, 2005 | We are currently wave soldering connectors that are held in place by stainless steel screws. About 2

Solder mask discoloration

Aug 17, 2005 | Peter are you having fun with solder masks erwat? We saw this years ago with LPI solder masks. I

Solderability tests for Gold finishes

Dec 7, 2004 | ANSI/J-STD-003 - Solderability Tests for Printed Boards is widely accepted. That's it, that's the l

Solid Solder Deposit

Aug 3, 2004 | It is great for single sided boards, but you will have to use a glue/wave process or something else

On-board Dispensing of Dots & Lines

Metcal soldering rework