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Flason SMT Products

Oct 4, 2018 |

Flason SMT Products

Oct 3, 2018 |

PCB with stains bleach after flux aqueous wash

May 9, 2016 | I wanted to bump this up. I am having the same problems. I cannot convince folks it is a solder mask

Headers and SMT

Oct 27, 2015 | I would suggest investing in a selective solder machine as well. This has saved us on a ton of labor

RJ45 1X4 Way Connector

Feb 17, 2015 |

ERSA users 1.8/2.5 nozzle

Nov 14, 2013 | Recently, we have been experimenting with the 1.8/2.5 nozzle to be able to solder leads that are nea

Preventive Maintenance

Jul 26, 2013 |

In search of knowledge

Oct 18, 2012 |

cost reduction

Jun 27, 2011 | Other areas you can focus 1) Find out alternative chemical and solder materials for lower cost.

Heat insulating box...

Jun 7, 2010 |

Pin in Paste of screw terminals

Aug 3, 2009 | We know nothing about your: * Solder alloy * Materials of your board * Materials of your teminal

New to SMT Equipment

Sep 17, 2008 |

OT: Wavesolder Process Engineer Needed

Jul 14, 2008 | CK, If the contact length with the wave is decreasing when decreasing the conveyer speed and visa

Selective moving pot vs fixed pot

Jul 9, 2008 | Out of curiousity... What is the benefit of the selective solder machine that does NOT have a movea

Lead Free Alloy

Nov 13, 2007 | We use SAC305 for solder paste, and we have been pretty happy with it. When we jumped in to this Pb

Cleanning no clean residu

Oct 19, 2007 | Hi Rob, I must take issue with your statement �By definition, no clean solder can be not-cleaned�

SN100C wetting problems

Jul 13, 2007 |

Losing parts in reflow

Jun 13, 2007 | The parts were soldered in place on the first side. Any recommendations on material for this kind


Dec 21, 2006 | Waving the board will sweap away the crud of black pad and to produce a solderable surface, but this

yellow residue

Aug 22, 2006 |

Flux Compatibility Issues....

Jun 6, 2006 | Wave flux, although I've seen it used successfully in my past life, is not such a good idea to use a

Fillet Tearing

Mar 23, 2006 | Wave Master and MoonMan, sitting in a tree S-O-L-D-E-R-I-N-G First comes dross Then comes fillets

Pin to Hole ratio

Jul 20, 2005 |

0402's and Gluing.............

Feb 9, 2005 | Russ, We can not use a wave pallet, already went that route. We have parts next to the thru-hole

Color theme of lead free

Jun 1, 2004 | The biggest fear is mixing the solder pastes and bar solder. Had a training program for teaching fo

Reflow profile basics

May 12, 2004 |

baking boards, revisited

Oct 4, 2002 |


Aug 22, 2002 |

Immersion Ag

May 9, 2002 |

Non-wettig on chip cap.

Dec 7, 2001 |

PCB Thermal shock

Nov 5, 2001 |

Incoming Water Quality

Jun 11, 2001 |

ADJUST-A-VAC Vacuum Tweezer for fragile components, wafers, MEMS devices tweezers

Metcal soldering rework