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Ersa ETS 330 wave pump

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 19 02:37:24 EDT 2017 | bukas

Hello everyone, i recently got Ersa ETS 330 wave machine '94. I got it running and heaters and flux pumps are ok, but I have problem with 2nd wave pump. It runs for 10-15 sec and then shuts down with error message on display. I checked bearings and

Rebuilding Electrovert Solder pump motors...

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 28 11:24:13 EST 2005 | EHess

Still looking for a second source for the Electrovert Econopak II wave solder pump motors, or a place that rebuilds them. anyone? Anyone? Beuhler?

Rebuilding Electrovert Solder pump motors...

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 08 06:28:04 EST 2005 | teilo

We manufacture retrofit kits completley out of titanium for all types of Wave Solder Machines, we also manufacture titanium fingers. Avoid solder overflow damage with titanium board stiffners. Also we manufacture board carriers. We have already supp

Solder wave

Electronics Forum | Mon May 07 12:11:33 EDT 2007 | colormaker

I have the option of increasing the wave pump but when I do the wave is very unstable. Do you have the possibility to create a backflow at the wave to drain the oxides away from the board? Not sure how to do this I wish I have the old 1962 7' holl

Solder wave

Electronics Forum | Mon May 07 12:04:59 EDT 2007 | patrickbruneel

Jerry, If you�re sure your board has sufficient flux it must be that your slow flowing (single lambda) wave produces more oxides then the flux can handle. Due to the conveyer angle the front of the board usually has less flux then the back of the bo

wave solder

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 10:57:51 EDT 2000 | Jason

I am new to wave soldering. Any information is greatly welcomed. Here is the problem. After soldering the boards they have a film on the bottom of them and sometimes a white powder looking substance. I have tried decreasing the amount of flux on

Re: wave solder

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 14:03:12 EDT 2000 | MikeF

Jason, First, check with the manufacturer of the flux you are using. They can tell you what board topside temperature range the flux is designed for. Some other info is needed for the residue part. Is it showing up on the same board, or different boa

Board wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon May 19 10:35:58 EDT 2008 | samir

I agree with RealChunks. The application of any of these "wave solder process control tools" is dependant on how the shop is run. At some shops, PM is inconsistent and slacked off on. At other shops, there is no technical expertise at the operator

0402 wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 15 12:31:06 EST 2009 | wavemasterlarry

Well I finally got the power turned back on at my house. Guess they only let ya slide so long without paying the bill. I still say 4 months is OK - especially inthe winter time. But requardless, wave soldering 0402s is nuts. Getting adhsive to fi

solder skips in chip wave on a NU/ERA wave solder

Electronics Forum | Wed May 27 11:54:29 EDT 2009 | allwave

Armando, Make sure chip wave is pumping evenly across. These TD machines require a lot of maintenance (deep cleaning)to ensure all the holes on nozzle are open... My two cents, George

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