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wave solder

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 10:57:51 EDT 2000 | Jason

I am new to wave soldering. Any information is greatly welcomed. Here is the problem. After soldering the boards they have a film on the bottom of them and sometimes a white powder looking substance. I have tried decreasing the amount of flux on

wave solder

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 12 11:15:50 EDT 1998 | Ryan Jennens

Hey all! The wave solder warrior is back. I have found a flux which leave almost no residue (the least yet), but because of its super low solids content I absolutely cannot get topside fillets. The multi-layer, two sided board is on a pallet w

Selecting wave solder

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 02 11:07:45 EDT 2017 | soldertraining

I think SEHO GoWave 1030 is better than ERSA ETS 330. The SEHO GoWave 1030 is a powerful soldering system for mass soldering applications. It's used for all types of soldering.

wave solder fingers

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 22 10:36:23 EST 2005 | maforni

Does anyone know if there are specific tools designed to remove fingers from the wave solder rails? Thanks

Cleaning wave solder pallets.

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 25 12:58:38 EDT 2008 | paul_bmc

How do you clean wave solder pallets of fluxes in your facility?

Cleaning wave solder pallets.

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 25 13:31:57 EDT 2008 | toddl

Our wave solder pallets are cleaned via our inline board washing machine.

Re: wave solder process

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 17 13:51:32 EDT 1999 | Kelly Morris

| Does anyone know where I can find a list of things to do to when troubleshooting issues during the wave solder process? | | for example: | | Solder Bridge | 1.verify amount of flux been aplied. | 2.verify turbulance on your solder wave. | 3.etc.

wave solder Installation/set-up

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 17 09:16:44 EDT 2012 | engineerjim

We are going through the motions of acquiring and setting up a new to us wave solder machine. My question, is any utilizing a solder/flux containment pan or other type system beneath the wave to help keep areas around the wave solder machine cleaner

Problems with wave solder

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 17 03:04:38 EST 1998 | Charles Stringer

For some as yet unkown reason, we have started to have some boards sag and go under the wave. The boards are surface mount top side and conventional components wave soldered. We have checked the wave hight and both the profiles on the wave solder and

Delta wave solder

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 07:52:21 EDT 2017 | tch

We have had this issue on our Delta 3 waves and determined that there are small pin holes in the solder pot. We had plates welded to the outside of our solder pot on the lead free wave and this bought us enough time until we could replace the wave, a

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