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MY12 tpsys shutdown

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 09 10:34:52 EST 2005 | DannyJ

Ken, We have that same version of software and have never had this issue be a real problem. I can say that we have had the machine hang on shutdown after 8 hours of furious editing, but very few and far between. If you go to another virtual termi

Microscreen stencils

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 29 12:53:56 EST 2005 | bschreiber

Hello Billy, You are correct when you say that you may want to look at the detergent (chemistry) you're adding to the stencil wash. However, "geared for epoxy removal" depends on how the chemistry is designed to remove the epoxy. If it is a "water

what is the different between ENIG and Immersion Au

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 12 10:05:13 EST 2006 | davef

There's a lots comparisons like this on the web. Here's one: Westwood Associates said on 8/12/2003: HASL OSP ENIG Pd Tin Silver Flat no yes yes yes yes yes Solderjoint Cu-Sn Cu-Sn Ni-Sn Ni-Sn Cu-Sn Cu-Sn Contact E-test, ICT no

saponifiers compatible with CPVC

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 17 10:29:10 EST 2006 | Mike Konrad

Armakleen is compatible with CPVC as are most aqueous-based chemistries. Armakleen, in its day was a superior chemistry. It was the first of the aqueous blends to offer bright solder joints (earlier saponifiers commonly dulled solder joints). Arma

Beginners' steps to run wave soldering process

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 16 13:06:49 EST 2006 | masrimhd

Hello, We�ve ordered the line machinery for our TV factory. It should be ready after two to three months. We will start producing Analog CRT TVs using single sided FR2 or CEM1, thru-hole components and tin-lead wave soldering process. Knowing that

Beginners' steps to run wave soldering process

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 20 15:03:56 EST 2006 | davef

Q1- Will we be able to select the materials (flux and alloy) and run the process depending only on ourselves, distributors� help, machinery documentation, web data and �trial and error?� A1- Your materials suppliers [eg Kester, Alpha Metals, etc] wil

Is anyone using K100 bar solder? Why or why not?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 11 08:27:15 EDT 2006 | timnop

We will be receiving our lead free wave solder machine soon and I have been doing a lot of reading here. I've seen many dicussions about SAC vs. SN100C for wave applications and am leaning heavily towards the SN100C for my process. I haven't seen any

First documented case of tin whisker formation

Electronics Forum | Thu May 11 13:28:49 EDT 2006 | patrickbruneel

Being a typically efficient Swiss based company Swatch started the task of RoHS conversion a year ago. After 2 years of intensive research they implemented the process in mass production in June 2005, they started shipping and found massive problem

SMT Assembly Line

Electronics Forum | Mon May 29 04:02:51 EDT 2006 | vasily

Hi Efren Unfortunately I cannot say about prices, because I don't know them in your region. But I can offer you to consider the world-leader manufacturers of each type of equipment. I think you can obtain all information through their web-sites. We s

New Pick and Place Operation

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 04 08:25:06 EDT 2004 | Cal

OK I am game and will put some input here...I do like the Samsung machines for the price and they are easy to program. Another company you may want to look at is Essemtec. ESSEMTEC USA Glasboro, NJ 08028-1499 Steve Pollock Tel. 1/856 218 1131 Fax 1/

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