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CIM systems and Final Assembly

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 23 11:55:27 EST 2001 | aiscorp

I gather from your question that you might have experienced large scale system implementation problems in the past, or at least fear experiencing it in the future. This is a very valid concern based on the performance of traditional CIM systems. Fo

CIM systems and Final Assembly

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 23 11:42:05 EST 2001 | aiscorp

In the past when the electronics industry was only beginning to mature, many companies considered CIM systems or even just basic CAD/CAM functionality a luxury of only the large OEM's which would develop their own tools. Now, with the competitivenes

BGA dead bug pick and place

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 28 09:48:10 EST 2002 | gregp

If I understand correctly you want to pick BGAs from the ball side using some type of vacuum arrangement. You will find that the reliability of this is dependant on the size of the balls and the pitch. The larger the balls and tighter the pitch, th

Foam fluxer maintenance, storage and cleaning

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 08 15:27:25 EST 2015 | davef

Thinner: Flux thinner, NOT paint thinner We kept a spare stone in thinner in inventory. We cut PVC pipe to size, cap in one end, screw thread on the other, stone inside, filled with flux thinner and covered with a screw cap. I don't remember who we

Filemaker Pro Data collection for inspection and shop progress

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 03 17:43:31 EST 2009 | proy

Hi Wondering if anyone here is/are filemaker Pro users? I am writing a simple data collection program in Filemaker for pre-solder, pre-test inspection to replace paper sheets. Together with wireless touchscreen tablets I think this is going to be

High-end SPI and AOI?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 12 15:54:09 EST 2010 | chupitoone

Hi, Orbotech actually sold it's division to ORPRO Vision. They development of the equipment is still progressing in both their Reflow inspection and SPI systems. Both have newer versions of software released and at the show in SanDiego they demonstr

Pick and Place Speed

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 05 12:59:16 EDT 1999 | John

I was wondering if anybody could tell what web sit rates the equipment in regards to speed? I was there before but forget the address. Thanks,


Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 13 10:51:22 EST 2003 | Jean-Philippe

Hi, Is there any places on the web beside UIC.com where we can find informations about LPMTF and EMTF. We have some questions like is there differents size for the track cover, questions like that... Thx J-P

tape and reel vendor

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 11 11:49:22 EST 2004 | caldon

www.ox3.com has a great web site. 1) they have a pdf that you can use for $ or 2) they have an online glossary with parts and cost available. Cal

SPC and Wave

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 14 10:37:15 EDT 2005 | pjc

Here are links to the web sites for three instruments specifcally designed to monitor wave solder process. Some have SPC logging capabilities: http://www.ecd.com/emfg/instruments/waverider/ http://www.swpc.co.il/wso.htm http://www.solderstar.com/w

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