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selective solder process attributes

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 10 08:53:23 EST 2014 | jpal

We have the opportunity to buy a new selective solder machine and are used to using a very old Jade machine with a moving tank and wetted nozzle. I have two process concept questions: Which is better- move the board over the nozzle or move the nozz

Selective Solder Nozzle Life

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 24 19:22:58 EST 2023 | SMTA-71549289

From my understanding titanium is typically used for non-wetting nozzles, correct? And then wetting nozzles are made of other metals with a coating that allows it to wet.

EBSO SPA250/400

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 25 01:42:02 EDT 2017 | bukas

hi everyone, i'm looking for someone to fabricate new or sell used wetted nozzles for Ebso SPA 250/400 soldering machine.

Problem with less soldering material on the pins

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 20 03:50:35 EDT 2017 | cromaclear

To overcome the dewetting issues of the past, a number of techniques have been used such as alternating directions on the wetted nozzle; this helps to avoid the solder biasing to one side causing the other side to oxidize and de-wet. Another method o

selective solder process attributes

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 10 09:03:47 EST 2014 | rgduval

I can't claim to be an expert....I've just bought a used RPS, and it'll be my first...but, after reading through their manual, and working on setting things up, I'd say: -Conceptually, I like the idea of moving the board rather than moving the entir

Cleaning a Used (Preowned) Selective Solder Machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 15 14:11:59 EDT 2015 | jpal

You should also remove all the pump parts and clean them, checking the bearings and seals. Clean completely the parts that allow the solder to flow back into the pot; ours have a spiral that fills with dross. Treat yourself to new nozzles. Tinning

Urethane Coating - Universal Remover/Cleaner

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 20 10:17:50 EDT 2018 | mefloump

Toluol (toluene). I use it in the solvent cups in my PVA machines to keep the nozzles wetted. We also use it to clean spots where coating is not supposed to be. Techspray 2510-N coating remover pen will also work very well for this.

Selective Solder Equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu May 20 18:14:53 EDT 2010 | geocep

Process Flux is AIM 275. Tip tinning flux is Superior 75. We have gotten dual nozzles in the 6mm & 9mm sizes we run. We can get a nozzle to run about 8 hours. Every night we clean all used nozzles with a scouring pad, apply Superior 75 flux with

Selective Solder Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 02 09:22:20 EDT 2008 | dmunson

Thanks Real Chunks. We currently have an RPS opus selective solder machine that we plan on keeping. It is configured as a 3-nozzle (!) one-pump (!!) point selective solder machine w/ nitrogen preheat. Custom wet nozzles. We use lead free SN100C sold

Selective Solder Nozzle Life

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 02 06:22:47 EDT 2023 | calebcsmt

We have been using our Pillarhouse Handex Selective for just over a year now. We are finding the nozzles are lasting approx. 3-5 months with w/ SAC305 @ 305C. Generally don't have any issues with wetting and with good maintenance, proper use of th

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