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Flux wave on PCBs

Mar 14, 2015 | The white haze is definitely an indication of moisture being trapped in uncured or improperly applie

Electrical Wiring Anomaly

Nov 9, 2011 | The white haze is most likely coming from your ultrasonic air humidifiers. I have seen this from a

Mixing No-clean and water soluble processes

Feb 24, 2010 | Agree with what has been said so far. Check with your end customer and make sure the white haze app

Solder mask discoloration

Aug 17, 2005 |

White Hazing under the solder mask of a through hole board

Nov 7, 2003 | I have seen in the last couple of months more boards with a white hazing under the solder mask. I ra

cleaning NO clean

Sep 10, 2002 |

Thermal Discoloration

Jan 22, 2002 | Help us visualize this better. * What color white [ie, yellow/white, green/white, a haze, etc.] a

PCB Cleaning

Oct 8, 1999 |

PCB Cleaning

Oct 8, 1999 |

PCB Cleaning

Oct 7, 1999 |

pcb assembly equipment - robotek

dual pot selective soldering