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Necessity of ROSE in commercial quality processes

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 27 17:08:15 EST 2006 | GS

3,5 ugr/cm2 NaCl) or power components, or Raw PCB. Nothing with the solder process or fluxes. Ion Chromatography analysis was necessary to help understanding of contamination origin. When occasionally we run TIC on a NC assembled PBA (Paste ROL0 or

Stainless Steel in wash system

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 20 01:13:05 EDT 2001 | Michael Konrad

Hi Dave, It may be. DI water alone will not build up residue. It can attack the finish of electro-polished (mirrored) stainless steel though. I have seen a white / chalky buildup on poly inline cleaners, usually isolated in the wash section. The

Necessity of ROSE in commercial quality processes

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 27 19:48:32 EST 2006 | stepheniii

I'm not sure that would be valid. My understanding was that solids were trapped by other non-active flux residue. Which is why you can leave them on and why you see white residue after washing. I think the ROSE test would release particles that woul

Necessity of ROSE in commercial quality processes

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 26 17:40:35 EST 2006 | GS

Hi, just my comment, theoretically No Clean means no Ion Contaminants from Flux, but it some some case ion contamination (Cl-Br-F) could come out from raw PCBs, from Components, from fingerprints, etc. To incorporate a ROSE step in the pro

Necessity of ROSE in commercial quality processes

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 26 21:48:28 EST 2006 | Mike Konrad

Hi GS, Just a clarification� No-clean does NOT equal no ions. It equals less ions (at best). Automatic R.O.S.E (Resistivity Of Solvent Extract) testers are commonly used to detect ionic contamination from no-clean applications. Your comment rega

Necessity of ROSE in commercial quality processes

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 28 14:32:26 EST 2006 | masrimhd

As I know, the encapsulation effect occurs only with rosin based fluxes. So if you have a PBA soldered using RA Flux, you should either wash it well, or leave it alone and it will be safe. For NC process the story is different because there�s no re

Re: Exhausting of flux in reflow ovens

Electronics Forum | Fri May 14 15:03:19 EDT 1999 | lima

| | Does anyone know of any industry guidelines for the exhausting of volatiles in reflow ovens? I've seen some numbers like 1,000ppm for the oven atmosphere, but is this typical? | | | | My concern is the volatiles in my WS629 solder paste may be

Problems with SN100C in a Soltec Delta C Wave

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 14 05:05:27 EDT 2006 | bk

Yes it's definately possible to have too much flux. You'll see a white residue film on the board. In the past we have had hipot issues cause of too much flux residue ,left on the boards. You defininately don't want to be using a no clean flux and sti

VOC free Flux in Inert Wave Solder Machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 15 18:50:43 EDT 1999 | Raeto Zryd

We intend to use VOC free fluxe in our nytro machine. Does anybody know if there can be problems with water ie. solvent residues in the tunnel. Perhaps there are some white papers available on that issue.

wave frames CAS - cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed May 16 12:11:03 EDT 2007 | slthomas

Is the frame turning white or is it the flux residue? What kind of flux, WS or NC?

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