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Tinned leads and where the component body is defined

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 02 15:02:36 EDT 2020 | SMTA-64387501

We have recently received some pre-tinned "flat lead packages" and the question I have relates to the definition of solder touching the component body of the part. Typically when I have gold lead parts tinned there is a gold gap between the tinned po

Conductive contamination and the elusive solution

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 12 14:46:13 EDT 2007 | losersk8er

I'm new to the website so if I don't sound like I know what I'm talking about I probably don't. But I am having a great problem at work with conductive contamination that bridges two leads and shorts out the IC, causint costly repair. I have been t

BGA rework and inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu May 30 10:31:03 EDT 2002 | robbied

Hi Yannick. This is an issue that we are just recently getting into but here is some ifo that I have gathered so far. I have seen/ used 2 different rework machines. The one we have bought is a 'PACE TF2000' which was at the lower cost end of the mar

Lead-free and Leaded solder in the same reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 31 14:23:39 EST 2006 | samir

Chunks, For our lead-free eval, we had the same problem with "charred looking" solder paste up the component termination of one of the smaller discretes, coupled with excessive solder balling...this smaller part did see peak temps in the 240 range -

Solder climbs on the lead and touches the body of the component

Electronics Forum | Mon May 12 14:49:28 EDT 2014 | davef

Hi Evtimov 'hege gave you a plausible explanation for what's going on with solder running-up the lead of your components: TOO MUCH METAL!!! I've got different one. This explanation goes along the way that you're thinking, but just opposite. The rea

Solder climbs on the lead and touches the body of the component

Electronics Forum | Wed May 14 18:22:07 EDT 2014 | hegemon

Dave is touching on one of those magical things that keeps us process engineers well paid and dancing (Well, some of us, lol). Heavy boards with light components. Solder Follows heat. Component heat up earlier. Repeat, Solder follows the heat. Care

Soldering lead free and leaded tin in the mix in one machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 10 12:12:40 EST 2020 | robl

Yep, done it previously with a multipot machine. Using with wirefeed to top up the pots means you only have a contamintion risk when you fit a new top up reel. Used separate nozzles for both, but theoretically using titanium nozzles would mean no c

Soldering lead free and leaded tin in the mix in one machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 08 12:44:52 EST 2020 | janwillemreusink

Who is using two sorts of tin in one selective soldering machine with to solder pots? So then the soldering program selects the correct pot (tin). What are the risks? Adding wrong tin in the wrong pot. Mixing up the nozzles?

Pick and Place Startup - LQPF100 bridging issues

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 25 09:38:36 EDT 2021 | spoiltforchoice

Well everything Graham said with some additional points.. You mention manual printing but very little about your stencil or setup. Everything you have said indicates a very limited budget has been expended, however what you have is an extreme exampl

Re: How to convince management on buying Equipment ? ---For Dave F, Wolfgang, Moonman and the rests!!!

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 28 11:16:05 EDT 2000 | Chris May

Quite simply, when the stencil is being auto cleaned, the operator can be doing another element of work. Also as mentioned, the stencil will be thoroughly cleaned as opposed to having any human errors leading to blocked or damaged stencils. The time


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