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Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 02 10:04:24 EDT 2008 | cyber_wolf

Good luck with that one. We just had a hard drive crash in one of our TRS ovens. We had to upgrade to wincon software which = 1500.00 and then we had to pay a 450.00 service fee so they would talk to us. BTW...the $450.00 service fee only gets you 1

BTU VIP70 help

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 10 22:41:41 EST 2016 | ttheis

Hi Ray, BTU was not too helpful with me because we bought the machine second (probably third or fourth) hand. I bought some FCU's from Ed at Assured Technical Services (assuredtech@yahoo.com) and a hard drive that had the Wincon software we needed.

looking for Wincon 2.0

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 07 17:14:23 EDT 2024 | redspare1

I have an old BTU oven I'm trying to get working again and need to do a clean install of windows. Does anyone have this software so I can reinstall it?


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