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Coil winding machine

Electronics Forum | Tue May 12 16:23:45 EDT 2009 | janz

Hello, I am looking for manual for Aumann coil winding machine type WU100 or similar machine. Anyone could help me.? Regards Janz

solder paste measurement machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 27 10:33:58 EDT 2007 | ck_the_flip

Jeremy, well said! Thanks for "validating" my theory... LOL I agree that the sampling frequency, AND methodology are key things with 3D inspection. 3D will give you some insight onto how your paste (rheology, viscosity, thixotropy)AND process are

Searching for low cost transformer supplier

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 04 21:04:33 EDT 2015 | sarason

How high a voltage are we talking , 240 volts, 4000 volts , 26000, volts 60,000 volts, 240 volts is easily done as we go up the scale insulation becomes a bigger problem and winding machines have to be much better in control of tension,also at higher

Connector is falling down in the second reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 24 00:59:47 EST 2020 | sssamw

=0.08g/mm2, make it less than 0.08. And maybe the connector gravity center location is a cause also. If no machine issue (vibration, wind,etc), and you cannot change the design/material then you can use SMT glue to fix the connector during reflow.

Re: Solutions For Low Volume BGA/SMT Rework

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 19 13:52:58 EST 1998 | mike c

| We are in need of a low cost system for the rework of | various SMT devices. Ideally the machine should support BGA, | SQFP, and large PLCCs. | Is it a dream to ask for SMT tweezers, a regular iron, | and a convection pencil as well? Want a machin

SMEMA Configuration

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 04 15:40:05 EST 2008 | dougt

Do a search here for SMEMA standards, I had problems a while back and had to swap some wires on an OEM's machine to get it to interface correctly to our equipment. Probably not the same problem as your having but I did write a long winded explinatio

BGA rework equipment - suggestions?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 31 08:02:16 EDT 2014 | philc

Our company occasionally has the need to rework BGA's, and we currently do this a rather long-winded way, using the stencil to paste the BGA, and then placing by hand. Sometimes we have to use an IR machine to re-flow the part, and at other times, we

Board support of Fuji machines.

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 01 17:14:11 EDT 2008 | aj

Hi, We only have 2 lines , but I dont allow any of the Ops to set them up, I did once and winded up with 10 damaged nozzles and cracked caps on the boards ... If the problem is as big as you say it is , you should really spend some time setting it

Using Vapour Phase Soldering Process

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 12:50:39 EST 2010 | hegemon

We evaluated Vapor Phase Reflow in 2010, and in the short time I experienced the machine, I came away with the following. The advantages you are (hopefully)already aware of, such as overall tranfer of heat to the PCB, no chance of temperature oversh

SMEMA standards

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 18 16:56:55 EDT 2002 | stockley

I started writing a long winded explanation about SMEMA and realised that it is just as easy to write about this as it is to talk about it on the phone. It just so happens that I have recently gone through this process so I believe that your vendor

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