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Answer to a invisible thread (gone away?)

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 28 20:57:22 EDT 2013 | ericrr

I have my cell phone wired up for "RSS feeds". Yesterday at work, I saw on my cell phone someone ask "KE750 & KE760 cannot recognation part standing" (spelling mistake uncorrected) I am not sure if this answer is correct as I can not find the thread

Groundhog day ~ vortex

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 16 13:08:24 EDT 2013 | ericrr

I seem to of slipped into a mighty giant suction cup, and every day is the same. Now take yesterday as I was making a sample the start of run board, we have run many times. it got halfway placing diffused LED's 3216 (about 1207 size) then is stoppe

Cleaning a Used (Preowned) Selective Solder Machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 15 12:27:59 EDT 2015 | sumote

The key to longevity in any automated soldering machine is in the preventative maintenance. If the machine has had regular maintenance preformed on it, your job will be that much easier. The 1st thing I would do is to either throw out the solder t

Conceptronic HVAC102 oven problem

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 10 02:59:53 EDT 2015 | aemery

AVCOM, I have worked on a few of the Conceptronic ovens recently for one of my clients. They had a similar issue, all the heaters dropping out with a high temp circuit error which kicks out CON1 (Heater power). If you're saying what I think your sa

Emerald Advisor for Dianostic - SiPlace 80-S20 Station PC

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 20 10:44:46 EST 2015 | cgreiner

Hello > > I got a SiPlace 80-S20 machine which had > a damaged hard drive in MC. I changed HDD and > re-installed RMOS + MC from floppies. Then I > turned on the machine (without any Line > Computer). > > The software on Station computer > wou

how to learn PCB design

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 08 22:03:39 EDT 2019 | eddy2019

Many beginners do not know how to start learning hardware circuits. In fact, the "hardware circuit" is composed of a part of the "unit module circuit". The so-called "unit module circuit" includes: various regulated power supply circuits (like the LM

What problems will be encountered in subsequent PCB processing

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 26 09:14:17 EDT 2018 | teresat2

When the PCB is finished, it must be mainly tested. Mark the broken plate of the short-circuit broken wire, or SMT may fix you later. In the case of Mosaic, the same location of the bad packaging together. Next is SMT welding commonly, want to look f

Type 4 powder

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 25 12:25:54 EDT 2019 | davef

In “J-STD-001 Rev G Amendment 1 Process Qualification” Debbie Carboni, Global Product Line Manager, KYZEN Corp, Nashville, TN said: What change constitutes a need for requalification? Major/ Level 1 – Flux or flux-bearing materials (e.g. flux, so

Re: no-clean process / Got Dendritus Eh?

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 26 19:09:17 EDT 1998 | Graham Naisbitt

As an addendum to Daves posting, please consider that: There is no such thing as no residue fluxing. A no-clean must herefore, have benign residues - in other words, they are not as efficient at removing surface oxides to enable good solder joints. S

Re: Reel Cabinets

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 10 12:43:13 EST 1998 | Dave f

What are you people using to store component reels and tubes in? I am looking for a cabinet with slots or something to store reels and tubes. We keep our components on the production floor near the machines. The cabinets we are using now are ver

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