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Processing Anticapillary or Silicone blocked (SBT) Wire

Nov 5, 2019 | Does anyone have any experience trying to solder Anticapillary or Silicone Blocked (SBT) wire? It's

RoHS Compliance Strategy for Cable & Wire Manufacturers

Apr 17, 2019 | Hi, I work in a Cable and Wire manufacturing company. We are currently working on an order of A

ks bonding problems gold wire on al pads

Nov 7, 2017 | Hi I'm new to the world of wire bonding. I seem to have some sort of pad contamination Preventing go

Ersa Hotflow 5

Oct 10, 2017 |

K&S 4524A Wire Bonder

Jul 26, 2017 | Anyone familiar with the K&S 4524A Wire Bonder? I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue: It fails to sav

Managing Thermocouple wires during reflow profiling

Jan 17, 2016 | We are using KIC (kicthermal.com) in reflow profiling. It uses thermocouple wires about 0.5 meter on

Managing Thermocouple wires during reflow profiling

Jan 14, 2016 | His suggestion is that you come into the 21st century and buy a data logger rather than feeding wire

Managing Thermocouple wires during reflow profiling

Jan 13, 2016 | I'm asking about how to manage the long wires. I don't understand how your suggestion applies.

Aluminum wire bonding on ENEPIG plated PCB

Sep 10, 2013 | Plasma cleaning is used extensively to clean surfaces prior to wire bonding.

CS9100 wire cut/strip machine

Jul 8, 2013 | We have 2 CS9100 Schleuniger wire cut/strip machines. They do not have the DISPLAY/PC switch on the

Cored Solder Wire & Supplemental Flux compatiblility

Jun 25, 2010 | I have always been under the impression that you want the flux make-up of your cored wire and suppl

Dummy Parts for Gold Wire Bonding for Practice

Feb 26, 2009 | Does anyone know of any vendors who can supply "dummy" parts to practice ball wire bonding of gold t

solder SnPb wire to gold plated IC

Apr 13, 2007 | Anyone experience using SnPb wire to gold plated ICs? I have tried to solder the SnPb wire to the g

pcb assembly equipment - robotek

Software for SMT