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Temperature sensitive part

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 13 19:18:35 EST 2001 | stefwitt

This appears to be a good application for conductive adhesive. If the part is through hole, you could wire wrap the leads around two posts.

soldering and bonding on gold PCB's

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 09 21:19:49 EST 2002 | davef

When I said "In this area, there is no difference between your experience in ceramic substrates and PTFE substrates." I was referring to the area we were discussing ... gold plating. I am sorry if you thought I ment than the wire bonding process wa

Maximum Number Crimps in Terminal

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 05 12:42:37 EDT 2002 | tombr

Hello Everyone! Does anyone know where I can find a spec on the number of wires that can be crimped in a terminal? Would like IPC SPec # Thanks! Tom

ESD protection

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 04 18:21:29 EDT 2002 | arzu

We have "conductive" coats,shoes,floors,chairs and wriststraps. I want to get rid of the wriststraps, for the wires can ruin a product during touchup and hand-building SMD components on paste. My Question: when do we have enough ESD protection?? are

PCB finish requirement for COB process

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 27 10:05:07 EDT 2002 | oconnorp

I spec COB using wire bond attach - 0.75um � 0.25 Gold over 5um � 3 Nickle.


Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 23 13:01:06 EDT 2003 | Greg

Adam, You might try marine products such as 'Salt Away' or 'Salt Terminator'. These are made to get rid of salt residue in marine engines used in saltwater applications and are not harmful to standard wiring. They are available at marine stores al

LSM Cable

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 03 21:10:06 EST 2003 | Dean

ohm out a sandard 25 pin d-sub. Make wire diagram. do the same to the lsm cable. If same, use standard cable. If different, buy cable and solder lug d-sub connectors and make your own cable. couple hours work.

LSM Cable

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 06 23:59:57 EST 2003 | Dean

If this is an LSM1 or LSM 2 I have both of these. I can check the cables if you like and email you a wire diagram. I would bet dollars-to-donuts that it is a standard 25 pin parallel cable. Let me know if your interested.

TDK RX11 Machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 04 08:02:17 EST 2003 | stefwitt

Hi Marco, most likely your axis has two limit switches and possibly a home sensor. Limit switches are NC and in case of bad connection or wire break the axis will not move, no matter how many cards you swap.

Stencil Printers

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 04 00:15:57 EST 2003 | masr

I think Ekra is a good option, is very easy machine to use and is not over saturated of wires, joint cards, servo cards, and so forth, very simple for diagnostics!

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